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I would check the SRAM grip shift that you purchased. SRAM makes grift shifters for both their own derailleurs and Shimano's. The actuation ratio on those shifters is different. SRAM uses a 1:1 ratio for their high end stuff. Most of Shimano's is closer to 2:1. The SunRace website you linked to lists the M40 as 2:1, meaning you'll need a SRAM grip ...


I use 10 speed Ultra shifters and XTR 9 speed with a 11-36 and works fine on my road bike


For the 5800, short cage can only take 28t but I wonder this too after seeing this.


As I said in a comment, there are 25+ years of 105 and Ultegra (well, ultegra was called something else back then, but the line has been around for quite a while), so you need to find the right 105/Ultegra you're talking about. You can find the Product Info at this link. In 11 speed: The Ultegra RD-6800-SS and 105 RD-5800 SS both have a 28t max. Thus, ...


Replacing the Racing T derailleur with the Athena 11s derailleur fixed the issue. The racing T derailleur seams to don't work with the 35mm Campagnolo clamp. Or generally don't work with frames wider than 28mm.


All 8- and 9-speed Shimano mountain derailleurs are compatible. Just pick one that you like. The one thing to worry is long cage versus extra long cage, and unless you know you have an extra wide range of gears, long cage is fine. The chain is also fine. If you are changing the chain because is worn out or "stretched", you should probably replace the rear ...


The chainwheel does not sit at the correct chain line is the answer. The most common cause is that you have an axle length shorter/longer than the ideal chain line. In this case, you have a shorter axle length. Did you add another chainring into your crankset? If the answer is yes, you will need to tweak around: either adding spacer (not recommended) or ...

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