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For a generator you will probably want two sets of gears. Cyclists normally pedal at about 90-110rpm, and getting a small generator to work efficiently normally means spinning at 1000's of rpm. I used a "drill pump" to make a pedal powered pump once and that was designed to spin at 1800rpm. But it used 500W or more at that speed, so I spun it at about ...


The FD needs to have a firm spring, because it has to operate against the full chain load when peddling. By comparison, the RD operates on a piece of chain under no tension, and the RD is putting the tension on that length. So you need to check the inner cable that runs from the handlebar shifter down to the FD mech. If its bright-shiny silvery then ...


I don't think this works for several reasons. First, the top cog on the first RD would have a much higher tension on it than designed as the chain comes up from the tension cog on the first RD and then back down towards the tension cog on second RD. The other issue is the indexing. Proper indexing requires that the top cog is close to the cassette. For ...


The reason why the RD has that bend in it is because it is what tension the chain in every single cog in the cassete. Also if it does somehow work. The length of your chain will increase, because it will have 2 cages to go through.


Most likely yes, the M772 will work. As you have already calculated, the capacity is within spec, and the maximum sprocket size is out of range by just 2 teeth. In my experience this is very likely to work, so long as the rear dropout on your frame is not especially near to the axle, and so long as you tighten the "B screw" more than normal with a smaller ...


I can see two issues- one being you can't expect the detents of your 10spd shifter to correspond to 11 positions- unless you decide you only need 10 of them, maybe. The other issue is trying to use crossed gears, max forward to max rear, and especially min forward to min rear having the chain climb the pins on the larger gears.


I can say from experience this does not work well at all. Although as mentioned above the chain does run through the shifting is dreadful. I tried it with a 10 speed shifter but gears would always have a spot where they would jump. Just get a 10 speed rear derailleur. You will be glad you did.


Will it work? Probably. The range of movement of the mech wont be an issue and the chain will run through it, so I cant see why it wouldnt work. This article is quite helpful: Shimano will tell you 11spd components wont ...

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