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Expanding upon a previous answer, you can use Strava's Heatmap feature. Just stick to the most frequented roads or paths and you should be okay.


This is an impossible question for the mapping sites to answer. They come up with heuristics about what makes a good route, that will do a pretty good job, but there is fine detail they do not and cannot know. For example, Your route 2 is the easiest on paper, but what if it poorly sealed with course chip and has lots of rubbish and stones in the shoulder. ...


Strava has the option of using "Popularity" to create a route. This means that if more people use Route 2, it should make you go that way. The problem if that if a lot of people are training using Route 1 it might skew the resulting route the other way. Usually I start by checking where other people are going by when I plan my trips, then I can do ...

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