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Between the uneven surfacing and the loose dusty dirt, I'd say this was purposeful use of the rear brake for control. There are times when using the front brake is more likely to cause a crash (like when your front wheel is digging back and forth through a trench) and rear wheel braking is more appropriate. It appears at the very end of the section, he is ...


No reason at all. NWD10 is a classic old school movie. You don't see purposeless skidding like that in today's MTB movies nor do you see it in real life MTB riding. Kirt Voreis (the guy in that scene - legendary rider) is probably doing this for no reason, just for fun, or at least what used to be fun in these old times.


In my estimation, the initial section was just lockup during heaving brake application during the descent (stopping as much as possible, and desiring more stopping force than the friction of the tire has to offer causing lockup). The lockup during the slide looks to have been done for more of a cool move, similar to using the parking brake to slide in a ...


No. It's a trail bike. You'd need to add an extra 40-60mm rear travel for a start. It's also perfectly capable of being ridden down many DH tracks as it is - it just might not like the 40ft gap jumps :) With tongue firmly in cheek, there's a few things you might be able to do, but none of them will turn it into a proper downhill bike. Most of them will void ...

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