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Downtube shifters will really get you in touch with your bike--more than with many other shifting systems, I believe that I can actually FEEL the rear derailleur moving in my hand when I use them. Needless to say, I ride a lot of old road bikes. You will quickly gain the control to shift either from various hand positions on your road bars. Assuming ...


Downtube shifters can be hard to get used to. When I first used them (after having more experience with on handlebar shifters) I would feel a bit wobbly when trying to shift. It really just takes practice. If they are not indexed (click into gear) then just push the lever (up or down) until the gear changes. If there is some chain rattle, then adjust until ...


I don't know a great deal about the old shifter types, but two thoughts come to mind - 1. Very obvious, but have you tried tightening them to increase the friction? 2. Might there be grease in the friction surfaces? You could try opening them and cleaning them with deagreaser/brake cleaner to see if you can increase the friction in them


I ride a Dawes Scorpion and it uses downtube shifters as well. I learned how to shift both levers with my left hand, because I prefer to keep my dominant hand on the handlebars so to prevent wobblin' out on the road.


There's not much too it. Reach down, move the lever until it's in the gear you want and adjust so there is no chain rattle. You'll get the hang of it quick.


For downtube shifters, I prefer to run as little housing as possible. Your best bet is to look for some new old stock (NOS) vintage parts. You need two bits: a chainstay-clamping housing stop for the short housing loop to the rear derailleur, and a downtube-clamping cable guide for making the cable bend at the bottom bracket up towards the front derailleur ...


You can find what you're looking for under names like "downtube shifter lever boss kit".. You should be able to find something at a bike shop (especially one which works on older bikes) or a frame builder. Another alternative is to use a clamp.


Unfortunately, your 1974 Campagnolo 5-speed hubs are likely to be 120mm spaced - you can see them in the 1974 Campagnolo catalog. You're going to have a difficult time finding even old road hubs to fit that spacing. I'm extremely doubtful that you have a 1974 Raleigh International in aluminum, since they were originally built with Reynolds 531 steel and ...


There's an outfit that makes a device allowing you to mount conventional friction-shifters up on the handlebars... I'll see if I can find the link. I have been using downtube-mounted friction shifters for many years, second nature to me. They are very forgiving as to what gears your running... I took my 5-speed freewheel up to an 8-speed freehub without ...


(a) Friction is gone on the right on 10/11 sp dura ace (they apparently save a spring while doing this, which probably simplifies things a little bit aside from interest in this). Microshift BS-T10 bar ends are 10 speed, front friction with rear switchable, and you can probably mount them on the downtube with a bit of work. (b) Other friction shifters ...


This is a good question. I speculated about this over the weekend and came to two conclusions. Friction shifters were designed for narrow(er) rear cassettes. The largest cluster I've ever seen a friction shifter work on is 8 speed. I don't think it will pull enough cable for you to access all the speeds in your ten speed cluster. EDIT: As an insiteful ...


If you set the downtube shifter to friction mode then you can run any rear derailleur you want. If you're looking for indexed downtube shifting with a SRAM rear derailleur, the answer as of the date of this posting is no. Cable pull for SRAM is different than it is for Shimano and others, which is why mixing different brands of shifters and derailleurs is ...

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