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The 11-25 will work fine with the SRAM components, the bigger question is whether your derailleur will handle the change in cassette range. Head to your local shop for specifics. It probably will, but that's the part you should go about verifying.


They just take a bit of tugging to "click" into place. I had to put a foot on the pedal and then pull the chain with both hands to get it to lock in.


I have used Shimano 10 speed cranks with 9spd chain, derailluers and gears. Without actually having tried it with the Campy components you list, I see no reason why it shouldn't work. The only difference between 9spd and 11 spd chain is the exterior width of the chain. The interior dimensions are identical (i.e. 3/32 of an inch wide, 1/2 inch long). The ...

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