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In addition, 1/8" chain doesn't flex sideways like 3/32" chain does, so while its unsuitable for derailleurs, its great for tandem timing chains, and for single-speeds. The lack of flex also contributes to its durability.


No you would either have to use a 2x11 speed drivetrain or a 3x10 speed drive train. You can't pick and choose and any hacks would reduce reliability. Using the 10 speed 30/28 is the same gearing as 34/32 on the 11 speed so no advantage on the change. For remote touring maintenance is as important or more important than gear selection. For long distance ...


Update...I have now covered about 10,000km on my XDS shaft drive bike in about 2 years with no problems. No evidence of wear was visible when the drive system was recently dismantled & no unusual noise or play in the system. Everything working just fine so I'd say the long term prospects are good.The front bevel gear system is sealed & runs in EP ...

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