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If the wheel is built with the appropriate rim (i.e., a rim with a braking surface) you should be fine. The hub simply has the mounts for a disc brake, one does not have to be mounted.


I've got shimano internal hub for 5 years mainly to commute. pros: no maintenance - at the beggining easy changing at red light or to jump on the sidewalk cons: harder to change tire when flat one day a car bump my wheel: I add to change the whole wheel+internal hub after some time (3000km) some gears are screwed, so it "jumps" when I press too ...


The NuVinciĀ® N360 is a continuous variable transmission that is roller based. It is marketed and used mainly on hybrid and low maintenance city bikes. They must have had some market success as they have been around since 2006. I recall seeing them at Interbike around that time. More info in the internal structure

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