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You might not be installing the pin correctly. It sounds as if you did not reach the seating point or past it. Here is an article on Shimano chain installation (See drawings).


We did this in 1996 with a differential mechanism and by nullifying the torque at the steering. It was quite successful with various advantages like easy drive the sandy road / muddy / loose gravel without skidding, and no skidding of bike by turning the steering at max of 90 degree even at high speed. The bike was designed to take different speed ...


Looking at related discussions on reddit it seems he was using a "old style" down tube shifter instead of one on the brake lever. In the photo, you can see the shifter close to his left knee. There are other photos showing the same set-ups.


Just to add one more perspective: I've done this on a racing route full of hills. I swapped out my medium cage 105 for a mountain bike derailleur (Deore 9 speed). I was teased a bit, but after 85 miles I was asked a lot of questions as to how I did this and why it worked. Large cog was 34, and I had no problems shifting. So consider dishing out for a ...


I suspect the jockey wheels are the culprit. You said you lubed the jockey wheels without removing them. Likely the bearings or bushings didn't get lubed sufficiently this way. Typically you will need to remove them and clean and lube the bushing or pry the dust shield off of the bearing so you can clean and lube the cartridge bearing (depending o the ...

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