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The only study I know of concluded that cross chaining in relatively modern 9spd gear systems at the angles typical of bicycles had no measurable effect on the efficiency of the gearing system. Even back in the bad old days of 52/42 with five cogs in the back, I never worried about cross chaining. Use the gears you like and replace the chain when it starts ...


An old thread but recently my friend broke his chain because he was cross chaining (big big) up a hill. You could imagine the stress of the chain and cogs under a heavy load.


I would recommend, as you stated you were already doing, that you give your driving mech a full cleaning. Run some hot water and a degreaser through all of your gears and your chain, (thoroughly). After that, (it helps if you have a repair stand for this), take some nice chain oil and run it on your chain real good, then shift through all of your gears and ...


I had the exact same problem and it was due to broken teeth on one of the chain rings. Inspect your chain rings and look for worn or frankly broken cogs. Replace the chain ring.

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