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My guess is that the rear hub is defective, or (at least for the first incident) was improperly assembled. If the cone lock nuts on the axle are not set tight enough, it's possible (especially with a slightly bad or poorly lubricated bearing) for the (probably right) cone nut to be pulled tighter and tighter until either the bearing seizes or the axle ...


What kind of dropout did you have welded back in your frame when you had it repaired? A higher quality dropout might be in order.


You already more or less answered your own question. The reason is that in a freewheel hub the drive side bearing is close to the center of the axle. This gives the forces from your weight and pedaling much more leverage to bend the axle than on a Shimano-style freehub where the drive side bearing is located at the end of the axle. When the axle bends, it ...

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