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Simple idea - turn the wheel over in the truing stand. The low side of the rim should move to the other side. If the Right-hand side is still low after flipping, your gauge is out and needs calibrating.


Thanks for replies everyone (especially zenbike) After light disassemble i found out what was the actual problem. There was a extra-solder where wires soldered into board that causes short circuit. After that extra was removed light have come to life (YouTube). Busch + Müller are high quality expensive lights, but seems like it is not expensive enough ...


When checking a Dynamo system, there are 3 basic items which need confirmation: Power Supply: Is your dynamo producing power? Checking this requires a multimeter, preferably with alligator clips on the wiring, and to spin the hub. Or there are specific tools, as well. Wiring continuity: Are all connections tight? Are there any breaks/shorts in the ...

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