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Some of your questions are not answerable, so I will only focus on what can be answered. Does anyone have any experience with it? No one has any real experience yet as the wheels are still on pre-order. A friend pre-ordered nearly 2 years ago and is still waiting. That said, you live near their headquarters (Cambridge, Mass) apparently you can demo a ...


If money is of little consequence, by all means, acquire an electric bike for your work commute and keep your current bicycle as it is. The electric bike is more likely to have a longer lasting battery and integrated controls. The conversion kit on the other hand, will be less expensive and could probably be swapped between multiple bikes. It seems like a ...


Stepper motors are generally used for servo (positioning) applications. They work great in Shimano's Di2 electronic derailleurs (obviously a positioner). But your application is straight velocity mode, stick with BLDC.


Stepper motors have very poor maximum RPMs and dreadful torque at high rpm. Also, controlling stepper motors requires a special controller and it's hard to find high amperage controllers. High-amperage stepper motors are also very expensive. There's really no advantage to using a stepper motor. You don't need its precision (you can tell a stepper to rotate ...

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