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1 advantage is in an accident it's harder to rip a toenail off.


The late Sheldon Brown, whose advice is treasured on this web site, wore sandals in all seasons, including winter in New England (snow and ice). He wore sandals that had SPD cleats on the bottom. Details are on this page from his web site. I would say that as long as the sandals don't slip on the pedals more than the sneakers do, then there are no ...


For commuting in warm wet conditions I found sports sandals ideal before (switching to clipless). A couple of things are worth noting though: If you push down hard on the pedal, some soles curl down towards the pedal. Do this on a tight bend or with a low bottom bracket and the sole can brush the ground. It's not really dangerous, but rather ...


It's a JC Higgins Jet Flow from about 1953-57. Here's a forum thread where people are ready to pay $350+ for one in pristine condition.

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