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I'm going to try and answer generically. You can apply this to your own bike. A mudguard/fender has one main task, to stop water and muck from transferring from the tyre/tire to the bike and the rider. ROAD So, the best-performing mudguards you can buy will be "full" ones, something like this: Points to note: guards are pretty close to the outside ...


Yes, for smaller ones. No, for full mudguards. Tour de France Here's Team Katusha using them on the ‘Paris Roubaix stage’ of the Tour de France in 2014, according to Stickybottle: While mudguards are fitted to most bikes used by racing cyclists for winter training, it’s against the rules to use them competing. Not only would they hugely ...


It looks to me like you just lost the nut. A stainless steel nut and washer or a stainless steel nylock nut would work best for this application. These options would help prevent the nut from coming loose and falling off again. You could also try using threadlock to help secure the nut as well.


You need Leather washers in between the metal fender and frame. a washer and locking nut to secure the fixing bolt. For detailed instructions on metal fender install see the detailed Velo Oranges fender manual.

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