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I'm not sure it would work in this case, but you can get brake nuts with a thread inside the cap. http://problemsolversbike.com/products/sheldon_fender_nuts I would definitely not mount the fender between the bolt and the brake mount. P-Clips are cheap and will allow you to mount the fender on the fork.


Do not do that. That's dangerous because those stays are often made of soft steel and it's easy to bend or damage them, which means they'll pull out from under the bolt head. In that case you end up with a loose bolt on your brake caliper. Which is bad. Two alternatives spring to mind: fenders that mount directly to the fork via clips or bands (or hose ...


I can't comment on whether using the same bolt is safe or not, but one possible workaround would be clip-on fenders. These just attach to the frame of the bike and don't need to be attached to the fork at all. They're not as sturdy/durable as fully installed fenders but will avoid any issues with a lack of mounting space on the fork. For example, Planet ...

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