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You may want to check your chain tension too. This answer has a lot of information you could use: How tight should a fixie's chain be?


There's not really enough information in your question to tell for sure what the problem is, so let me just list a few possible explanations that come to mind: As others have noted, your gear ratio might just be too high for you (since you say it takes a lot of effort to get going). You can take your fixie to a bike shop and have them swap the rear cog ...


The most likely explanation is too high of a gear ratio. Your local bike shop can swap out your rear cog for a larger /easier one. They can also check to make sure everything is running smoothly ( bottom bracket, hubs, brakes).


If you have brakes, make sure they're not dragging on the wheels. Also, make sure (if you have quick release) that you haven't tightened the wheels in too much. Fixed gear bikes are not easy -- they're primarily fashion statements at this point, and fashion statements often are not comfortable. You're stuck with one gear combination, and you can't ...


As the other comments said, it's often not a good idea to reuse spokes and even nipples. I would be more inclined to simply buy a flip-flop hub and lace that to the old rim with new spokes and nipples. Remembering that different spokes have different properties and can be chosen depending on the bike, rider and what the bike will be used for. You're right ...

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