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I guess your bottom bracket is a standard square taper? And that your bike is getting a little old in years? The fix is to replace the cranks. The cause is that as you tighten the nut, the square taper hole on the crank mashes up close to the axle. But as you pedal, and brake in your case, the cranks will minutely flex in the hole which creates a tiny ...


Maybe some of the information in this link is helpful. http://www.bikeforums.net/singlespeed-fixed-gear/690261-fixie-my-pedal-crank-keeps-getting-loose.html


You can't build any bike with minimal effort. Not even a toy one out of Lego. It would be faster and easier to get a minimum-wage job and save money to buy a commercially made bamboo bike. But a lot less interesting, and also less fun. Turning bamboo into something suitable for a bike frame is quite a lot of work, and if you haven't worked with structural ...


It's down to the gear ratio too, I used to ride 48 or 50/ 18 or 19 something like that. Top end speed was important to me so I ran a front brake as I could not lock my legs on these ratios Guys I knew did the no brake thing and ram much lower gear ratios, but subsequently were much more spinney when flat out. .. 20 at the back was largest commonly ...

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