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Yes Of course it's possible, you just need to find a telescopic seat post on the market that is longer than the one you have. Your measurement of your post might be a bit off though, I'm guessing that from your 28.x measurement, and the fact that I don't think 34.2mm is a seatpost size... not one that I'm familiar with anyways. In which case chances are ...


When you lower the seat all the way down for folding it up, the bottom of the seat tube will rest on the ground. If you have wood flooring, this can damage the floor. To protect both your flooring and the bottom of the seat tube from scuffs, they include a plastic protector. You can lose it with no loss of function.


The seat clamp prevents the seat from sliding down. Not a plastic tube of any kind. My hunch is that it's meant to be taken away. It's there only for some packaging purpose.

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