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After trying to live with a folding bike, here are my observations. Most, (all) foldy bikes have a feel different from a regular road or MTB. so the feeling is never going to be the same. There might be some flex from the handlebars, they could be slow or feel as though they are going to fall over.... So I think to a large extent it would be best to put ...


A good folding bike should ride just as well and last just long as a traditional bike. BikeFriday has a reputation for bikes that feel "normal." As far as maintenance goes there is very little difference. From my experience the only thing that needs more frequent maintenance are the cable housings. This is because cables usually have to make more complex ...


Folding bikes are great. Many higher-end folding bikes have derailleurs or geared hubs, which means that they can be just as fast as a regular bicycle. The only things that you lose are: Stability because of the smaller wheels. This can be a positive as a city bicycle as they are more nimble (i.e., less stable) at slower speeds. Harder ride. Because the ...


A folding bike just does ride as well and is not as efficient. Small frame and small wheels. You are going to pay more for a folding bike. Brand does matter - some of the high end ride nicely and some low end ride badly.


There is not really difference in maintenance. You have the same brakes, gears (rear), shocks, wheels, bearings. The only addition is the bolts where you fold the bike. About the commute - folding bikes have smaller wheels, which ends up in: Decreased speed (for people like me who loves high speed it's significant). At some point you can see yourself ...


The B&M fork mount adapter not only fits B&M battery lights, but also works with Planet Bike Blaze and a few other inexpensive lights. This fork-crown mount is the same location that Brompton provides lights for, so it shouldn't interfere with folding.


I have a SON Edelux (first generation) on my Brompton (which has a SON hub dynamo), because the original halogen head light was not bright enough for my tastes. Since the SON Edelux is more compact than the original halogen head light, there is no issue at all with folding. But initially I mounted the Edelux with the Brompton's original head light mount ...

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