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Do not try to use a floor pump to inflate your shocks. Use a shock pump - "Use the right tool for the right job." What you're attempting to do is like trying to fill a water balloon from a fire hydrant. If I had ever attempted to use a floor pump to pressurize a fork in any of the shops I've worked in, I would have got slapped. Your pressure will not read ...


A floor pump like Joe Blow has a massive piston, and the problem I can see is not about reading the pressure, but actually pumping such small amounts of air for this to be accurate (although the manometer may also not be too precise...). Technically you can use this, but as you mentioned it will not be accurate and there's not much you can do about it. You ...


This is a fairly common problem. Air spring forks and shocks are high pressure and low volume. Floor pumps are designed for lower pressure and much greater volume. While the valves may be the same, floor pumps are not designed for the requirements of suspension air. I highly recommend that you do buy a pump designed for air suspension ("shock pump").


Thank you for your tip, Emyr. I ended up using my screwdriver and hammer method to work around all of the brittle elastomer sections. However, at the bottom of the last section of elastomer was a round piece of plastic with a hole in it. I did just what you suggested to remove it -- I bent the end of an old spoke into a "J" shape, and pulled it out of the ...


I've never dismantled a fork intending to reassemble it, but... Could you use a J-end spoke or a knitting hook to pull the elastomer rather than pushing it? You should be able to get plastic knitting hooks so the inner surfaces aren't scratched.


XCM is an entry level fork - typically found of bikes at the low end of the price range. Its not hard to imagine you have out grown the fork and it is limiting your enjoyment and performance while riding. The only way to tell if a better fork is needed, (or is that wanted?) is to take a bike with a better fork for a ride. The main consideration is how much ...

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