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FWIW, I have put 140mm-100mm adjustable forks on an XC bike designed for 100m forks. Going from 140mm to 160mm will change the geometry of the bike a bit, but a bike that already has a 140mm fork is pretty slack to begin with. Depending on the exact fork and how much you set up the sag, there may be little to no measurable difference between the two forks ...


It is possible to buy a basic new fork for about £20 to £30. eg Raleigh 700C 1 1/8" Threaded Fork from Evans. Or there's a variety of options on Ebay, either new or used. Or some cycling forums have classified sections, so you could post a wanted advert. Though there are several things to check to ensure a replacement fork is compatible: wheel size. That ...


These folks should be able to help out for super cheap: London Bike Kitchen


Measure the inner diameter of the headtube, both upper and lower. These are the key measures in combination with the fork dimensions. You probably want to confirm that the angle of the inner chamfer angles are 45 degrees (and not 36) as well. Once you have those measurements you can start searching. Note that it says "integrated" (= IS) on the Aventon page, ...

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