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Yes, you can use a 1 1/8" fork with a 1 1/2" frame. I did it on one of my bikes. You just have to get a special "reducer" headset. It doesn't look goofy at all - you can't even tell unless you look closely. You'll have to get a threadless fork. Nobody makes reducer headsets for threaded forks. Most new forks come with an un-cut steering tube - that means ...


This is a very doable project. However, the cost benefit will vary. You need to be very sure of what parts will be reusable. If you are going to pay your local shop to do the work then as @Eric Smekens has said, sell the old one and look for a bike that fits. If you are planning on doing it yourself it is an excellent way to learn how your bike works and ...


If you want a rigid fork for a 29er with shocks just buy a fork for a suspension corrected frame. If the fork is listed for a mountain bike then it is (probably) suspension corrected. I suspect that about any rigid fork that will take a 2" tire will be suspension corrected. Measuring is not going to do you much good as you can't buy custom lengths ...


Evolution is a very basic fork , The Performance is almost similar to the factory FIT. The Performance is much better ...


Try to gently "tighten" the Allen setting all the way. Then try backing it out. I never hear clicks. I just feel them.


Also, the sram product matrix can be handy (y is cost, x is severity of impacts): source: https://www.sram.com/sites/all/themes/sram_2011/st_rockshox/_images/products/product-matrix.png

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