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If your time isn't worth much and you like to tinker (like me), at least take your current fork apart and see if there's anything you could do to improve it's situation. That said, based on your description of it's problems, I think you should buy a new one. And I actually mean new, in this case. Normally it's better to buy a used bike than a new one, but ...


Pro: You can run oversize and plus size tyres on a lefty.


One of the few things I can think of is that if the fork fails, or is improperly adjusted, having the brace in the back means there is some possibility that the brace will slam into the downtube or back of the headtube rather than the just the upper and lower of the fork meeting violently. That possibility depends on brace design, height of the upper, frame ...


If the wheel fits..... If you have been using it, then no, you won't have problems. Its not that uncommon for people to shoe horn a 27.5" wheel into a 26 fork or frame. just running a front wheel will slightly change the bikes geometry, but not enough to make a big difference. Where you can run into trouble is if clearances are not enough and you ride in ...


It's steering damper. It prevents your handlebar from self - turning. Increase comfort. Steering damper


I'm going to guess that the bike's fork is lacking in follow (ie it has straight forks, or forks without enough bend) so that without the spring, the bike will not self-center. It will likely feel that it wanders over the road and the rider has to actively keep it centered. You probably can't ride hands-free without the spring. The spring provides some ...


The purpose of such a steering damper is to stop the front wheel from turning when using a (two-leg) kickstand or while pushing the bike. Not much use otherwise.


Within "normal" standards of long and high angle, yes it is safe. While there are some stems which use clamping styles which are not carbon safe, or other restrictions, these are usually clearly stated. No restrictions are based on length or angle of the stem, that I am aware of. I have been a certified professional bicycle mechanic for 20 years, so I ...


I finally had a chance to let DirtLabs look at this fork. I told them the whole story. They cracked it open and discovered that the travel setting was wrong -- it was set to travel much further than factory spec. Really unusual: I bought the bike brand new from a very reputable shop and have never had any work done to it except the damper recall work. ...

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