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I have read about damaged lockout systems from big hits while locked, so my advise is treat a locked fork as a fragile fork unless you want an expensive repair bill. Probably the key point is what is "a hard hit" and "high load" for a fork? That said, I have taken a couple of what I would call big hits with my fork locked with no damage, but I weigh under ...


Suspension forks with lock outs also have blow-off valves for exactly this sort of situation. It takes a really hard hit to damage the fork. You'll more likely dent your rim first.


One huge advantage of dual air springs that isn't often mentioned, is that you can set sag independent of positive spring rate (air pressure). If you need to add a bunch of (+) pressure to resist bottoming, you can pump up the negative pressure to the point where you still get adequate sag. This means you can still have good small bump sensitivity at ...


That is old grease with debris in it, this will be shavings of the bearings and their channel. Before re-greasing the headset you will need to degrease it to remove all of the old grease, otherwise the old grease will attack the new grease rendering it less effective. Then once degreased you will then need to clean out all of the degreaser (again so it ...


That's funny! I found the same little metal balls on a headset I overhauled not long ago. They were on the fork threads. I'm not sure what caused them. As to the grease you need: as long as you clean the bearings completely, it doesn't matter. Use whatever grease you want, preferably on the thick side.

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