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The Element 70 has a 10mm x 135mm QR rear hub so the rear dropout will not be wide enough to fit a 12mm x 142mm wheel. The 12mm is the axle diameter, the 142mm the dropout width. New rear hub standards are not only larger diameter axles but wider hubs, front hubs are different in that you can use a thru axle with a shim to fit a QR dropout as the width did ...


You can do a thorough inspection of the bike and components, including a tear down. I have only ever bought one bike used. After I did, I tore it apart down to the frame and inspected everything. I ended up replacing a wheel because of cracks around a spoke hole on that rig. As far as mixed material forks, that is a pretty common practice. I don't ...


Apparently George Behring used to be a framebuilder in the St. Louis area, and was a racer and a member of the Saint Louis Cycling Club. Unfortunately, like many small builders of the 1980s, there's very little information about him or his bikes on the web.


Carbon fiber is a bit tougher to determine the safety of than steel or aluminum (where a thorough visual inspection normally reveals the serious flaws, along with checks of headset tightness and what not) - aside from a thorough visual inspection for cracks and damage all around, you really need a professional evaluation. Bikeradar has some tips for ...


There is not one place that has an exact list of every bike model ever produced but if you go onto one of the sites mentioned or http://mechhanger.com/ just type inn your bike make and it will narrow it down to a few derailleur hangers to compare. If you are still stuck, send them a picture and let them do the hard work!


I think i may have the answer to your question. I believe your bicycle is a Takara. This is currently my girlfriends bike, and i have attached some photos. The only things that do not match up are: 1) The front of the head-tube does does not have pointed lugs.


I have been racing mountain bikes since the mid 90's and later playing around with BMX. If you ride enough bikes, you will notice the frame geometry can make a huge difference on how it performs off road. For a while many mountain bike companies were attempting to do a seatstay that curved around the wheel (S shaped) with a shorter chainstay..this brought ...

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