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That doesn't look like a screw on freewheel hub, that's an 8 speed freehub designed for a slide on cassette. I have the same one. Its the older design called Exa drive. When Campagnolo went to 9 speed the shape of the spines were changed and made deeper. This is why your conversions kit doesnt work , as its designed for the newer style freehubs. See the page ...


From the comments above, it seems that it really is a free wheel that is making the noise. Apparently cheap free wheels can be like that. Lubing them can help. This discussion has some extra info: http://forums.roadbikereview.com/fixed-single-speed/fix-shimano-freewheel-clunking-noises-150432.html TL;DR version: Get some gear oil or grease gun and apply ...


What I think you are saying is that when you stand beside the bike and push it side-to-side you can see the wheel wobble. That sounds to me like the bearings in the rear hub need to be adjusted. They don't need to be far out for it to cause significant movement at the rim.


A warped frame will not cause wobble when the wheel is moved by hand. A warped frame can cause wobble when riding at speeds since the wheel is not straight. However, if the wheel has play (moves side to side without rotating) in the frame, then the hub is not properly adjusted or is damaged. The noise issues could be from any number places and should ...

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