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Pretty much any 8 speed Shimano-compatible bar end shifter will work if you're running a Shimano drive train (If you're running SRAM, you'd obviously need a SRAM compatible one). Those will work, as will the ones from Microshift 8 speed among others. You'll need to re-run your cables, obviously, though.


As others mentioned, do not try to manually align your wheel to the brakes (rather, adjust the breaks). Also, you might want to make sure that your wheel is dished properly (the rim is centered about the hub correctly). If you want some extra "push" of the axle into the dropouts of the fork, I like to do the following: When you go to put your front wheel ...


What I worry about mainly is the horizontal alignment of the wheels and brakes (V brakes or disks). In my experience just pressing fork down on the wheels will then "auto fit" which creates an horizontally accurate alignment. I press from the handlebars vertically to the ground and the wheel keeps an horizontal alignment with the brakes (accurately set). ...

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