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From your link, your bike has Tekro HDC Hydraulic brakes. If you do a google search, there is a video (made by Tekro by the looks of things) which talks about how to replace pads on these brakes. I suggest you watch this video. If you understand it, and feel comfortable doing what it suggests, take the pads out and examine them. Don't buy any replacements ...


Most likely cause if the disc and pads are contaminated. What did you wash it with? Many cleaners leave a residue. Worst case the pads need replacing. The discs should be well cleaned before installing new pads - Use a solvent such as brake cleaner, methylated spirits or Isoprop alcohol, and rub the discs to be certain no contamination is left on them. ...


High force gear changes are sometimes the problem. Try to anticipate as you would in a car. Also, is the chain compatible?


As I see it, from my experience you may have any one or a combination of the following issues (from most to least likely): You keep on pedalling at force while shifting down. Usually, when you switch from the middle to the smallest ring on the front you are going uphill and you have to keep pedalling just to avoind falling over. Still, you have to ...


It will be your spokes... they will all need tightening (on the drive side at least but get someone to check them all). This can happen if your bike comes assembled from a manufacturer.

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