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You can also call up a pre-generated route and turn off the turn-by-turn directional functionality, thus just showing your location and relationship to the route. This has worked reasonably well for me.


The map screen will show you your location, you aren't required to choose a route, routes are just big feature of the edge touring that Garmin focused on for that line.


Yes, you should be able to use a Garmin Oregon that way. A Garmin Oregon can do almost anything that a Garmin Edge (GPS bike computer) can do. The exact details will depend a lot on exactly which Oregon and Edge models you're comparing. Most of the current Oregon models actually can connect to a heartrate or cadence sensor via ANT or Bluetooth. They can ...


I use the Garmin Oregon 450 as a cycling GPS and I am quite happy with it. I don't have the speed/cadence sensor, but I plan to get it soon. According to the documentation it supports ANT+ sensors like the heart rate meter and the cadence sensor. Apparently it doesn't work with the speed part of the speed/cadence sensor but the cadence part does work. The ...


The Oregon series only reads your speed and distance from the GPS which is not always as accurate as classic speed sensors - from my experience the difference can be up to 4-5% depending on the terrain. And you will probably have to buy a separate handlebar mount, because they are not provided in the box as far as I know. You can use Garmin Connect, so ...

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