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I've had the same mixed results using the Edge 500 for courses. It sounds like you used a TCX file for the first course, giving you a better auto-zoom level and accuracy, and maybe a GPX file on the second course, resulting in less accurate performance. Sometimes though, it seems the little 500 just doesn't have the accuracy of other models and strays off ...


osmand is really good when it comes to routing - it uses openstreetmap material, which is in many regions excellent, supports displaying, directing by and recording GPX-tracks. It's map display is highly configurable, e.g. it can display all kinds of POI, one of it being drinking water wells. There's also a router plugin, brouter that takes climb into ...


I've been quite happy using Cyclemeter (the iPhone version). I use it with a Wahoo RFLKT+ to get a display and ANT+ bridge. There are also some good looking mounts available, I really like the looks of the Rokform mounts but I haven't used them.


The Garmin Edge 205/305 Owner's Manual makes it clear that any data that was not saved using the Garmin Training Center Software would be overwritten when the device is full. The Garmin Training Center Software was last updated Aug 25, 2011. The Windows version ran on XP, but it can still be downloaded by following the links. You'd have to test if it will ...


In Garmin connect, you can disable segments and then synch the 510. Have you created your own segments? On the 510, you can go to segments under the folder menu, go to the very bottom option and choose delete all segments.

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