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I'm not sure how to set it up on a PC, but you can upload the files directly to Strava and skip Garmin Connect altogether. The Garmin 500 is just a usb drive like any other drive and you can upload the files using the Strava website. This is not automatic, but it's a lot less painful than using any Garmin software.


I personally use a Garmin Edge 810 which can connect via Bluetooth to your smartphone and then automatically upload rides to Garmin Connect. The auto-transfer from Garmin Connect then allows your ride to appear in Strava almost immediately, however, this isn't without it's short-comings. As per my comment on Mac's answer, I have found the auto-upload ...


Garmin Connect Edge 1000 has Wi-Fi which can auto-upload to Connect - and subsequently to Strava. But the simplest solution is to use your phone? - however this has the disadvantage of draining the battery on it. So probably best used for those shorter training rides.


The Garmin Edge 510 can use bluetooth to pair with your smartphone. Then when you save a ride on the garmin, it'll automatically upload immediately.

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