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You may want to actually try adjusting your saddle up instead of back. If your saddle is too low, you may be compensating by rolling back on the seat as you pedal. Adjusting your seat up will push it back a little anyway, but it's something worth trying.


You probably just have the wrong saddle. The width of the saddle has to match the width of your sit bones. My reading of your question is that only the very far back of the saddle is wide enough to comfortably support your sit bones. The first thing to do is determine the width of your sit bones. This article has some good suggestions. Is it possible ...


Try using a layback style of seat post from Thomson.. can then use any of your current saddles, otherwise use a downhill style of seat ...that is usually longer than the "wheenie" std saddle.


As others have said, just because the bike shop says it's a good fit, doesn't make it so. Their incentive is to sell a bike off the floor so they'll find the one that fits best and sell it to you. I got a custom fit and I have longer thighs than most people. This meant that to get the seat position right, I had to have my saddle further back from the pedals ...


You can add on offset seat post but that is more money. A decent is $60. A saddle has forward and back design points. If you take it way back and sit back then you put a lot of stress on the rails. I had one fail, when out the back, and landed on the tire on my butt - you don't want that. Tilt the seat down will move you forward. If the bike size ...


I believe that bicycle seat comfort is more about adjusting your expectations for your style of riding than an objective measure of comfort. I do the same thing on my bicycle seats and always have since I started riding seriously 35 years ago. For your reference, I am a man, 5'11" and about 150lbs, so I have a relatively small frame. I have ridden ...

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