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I thought this was an interesting question, so first of all, +1. First off, the sloping tube (your second image) is known in cycling parlance as a compact frame. I found an article on the Giant web site about the advantages of a compact frame. When I say "advantages" - this is Giant's word not mine! The full article is here, but to summarise it: the ...


I'm not sure how much of this is marketing, but I believe the main reason is comfort. The longer seat post has more flex to absorb bumps and the seat stays being lower gives the rear triangle more flex too. Another advantage is a lower stand-over height for bikes with high bottom brackets.


You are correct, axle to crown is the key measurement for selecting a replacement fork. Unfortunately, it is often difficult to find this measurement. When searching for this information axle to crown can be listed many different ways on user forums such as axle to crown, axle-to-crown, A2C, A to C, ATC etc. This is a good place to start for bigger brands ...


Most 120mm forks have a similar axle to crown height and it's more or less 40mm higher than the axle to crown height of typical 80mm fork. There are of course differences between models, but not really enough to matter. Typically hard tail frames are designed around a range of fork sizes. 120mm would be long for an XC frame that came with an 80mm fork. I ...

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