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Thank you for your replies. Andy256 I will need to experiment; should be interesting as some routes have vast numbers of waypoints. Tom77 When I use the button "Export to GPX" I am only given the option to save file; can't select track or route.


Ok, Looking at the data you posted, you can see <rte> ... </rte> These tags enclose the whole GPX Route. After the tag comes the name. You can put what you like in between the second [ and the ]]: <name><![CDATA[End to End - Day 1 - Lands Ends to St Just]]></name> Then comes an ordered set of routepoints ...


Looking at the dropbox file it appears to contain a route, rather than a track. I suspect something went wrong when you exported the file. If there are options on what to export, then you want to export the track rather than the route or waypoints or anything else. This Wikipedia article on GPX has more details on GPX files which might help..

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