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It is a little hard to tell from your photos, but do you have grip shifters? For setups with grip shifters, the grips are generally much shorter / narrower, as part of the "grip surface" is the shifter itself. If you do indeed have grip shifters, you can do as ojs suggested & move the shifters / brakes in towards the stem, or, you could return the ...


You can move the brake and shift levers inward. They are tightened around the handlebar with hex bolts or screws, you can loosen these and move the parts around. If the result feels too narrow, you can change to a wider handlebar. Edit: See the other answer for solution with grip shifters.


If you have access to a compressor, compressed air works well – use the hole in the end of the grip to blow in air while covering the other end of the bars with your hand (or something). The air escaping around the grip opens it up enough that it is easy to slide on. Rubbing alcohol can be used as a lubricant. It will evaporate leaving the grips snug on the ...


I remember this would happen to me as a kid while on my bmx bike especially in humid summer weather. So you are buying new grips already - I'd say make sure they are a harder compound than whatever your current ones are. Seems like harder rubber is less likely to deform/melt away. With your current grips you might try wrapping them in bar tape. There are ...


Hair spray works best, lubricates when wet, sticks when it dries.


Since no one else mentioned this: I always use a glass/window cleaner (like Windex). It works really well. Easy to spray on the bar or in the grip and it evaporates quickly but not as quickly as isopropyl alcohol. Plus I think it has a surfactant which makes things slide a bit easier. And you may be likely to have some around. Usually works to take ...


The technique I use is to apply dish washing soap to the metal of the grip so that they are slick and put the grips in boiled water. Leave the water to cool down enough to put your hands in but so that the grips are still warm. The water will cause the grips to expand so that they go on easy, they will shrink back down when they cool. Then simply put the ...


Two parts to this question - how to ease off an old grip that you may want to reuse (ie cutting it off is too destructive. Followed by how to fit the new one. I use a thin old electrician's flathead screwdriver to gently lever the edge off the grip up, then I tilt the bike so that it leans to the side I'm working on, and then I squirt a splash of soap and ...


You can buy sorbothane sheet or sorbothane strip to wrap around the handle. It will solve your problem. Cover sorbothane with overgrip to protect sorbothane strip.

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