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There is a Bianchi Owners Club that is hosted on Facebook. They often have "help me" posts and you will find a wealth of Bianchi die hards willing to assist you.


We don't usually supply lists of resources here, because they don't really fit with the general SE question-with-one-best-answer approach. Interest in retro bikes and cycling gear is at an all time high, and so is the amount of information available. I'm answering because I hope to give you, and others who end up here, an example of how this information ...


Perhaps it's bad form to post an answer to such an old question, but the existing answers haven't addressed a concern I've always had about the setup described in the question, which I see most often implemented like the photo below with the brake levers between the rider and the handlebars. In this scenario I assume the rider usually operates the brake ...


I remember this would happen to me as a kid while on my bmx bike especially in humid summer weather. So you are buying new grips already - I'd say make sure they are a harder compound than whatever your current ones are. Seems like harder rubber is less likely to deform/melt away. With your current grips you might try wrapping them in bar tape. There are ...

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