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I wrap inward and use a 3 figure eights or outward and use 2. This sets it up so the tape is wrapping towards the rider for the tops. I also use upside down electrical tape below the grifters and near the drops. I don't use the press in plugs if I can find the screw type compression plugs so the tape at the ends is a must. It also makes starting easier. ...


My bikes had one. You would simply put your bike against the wall with just that "thing" and your saddle touching the wall. It would prevent scratches and made sure your bike doesn't fall. That thing was made of some sort of rubber/plastic so your handlebars wouldn't simple "slide" down the wall making your bike fall when you put it against it. Also. ...


You can easily find a scratch prevent parts for cars. (Simply google it, if you didn't see one yet). For bikes. This place on handle bar can be easily scratched by touching walls / falling and scratching ground.


It seems like you're confusing the clamp diameter with the grip area diameter. 26 mm is a standard road bike clamp diameter (i.e. where the handlebar attaches to the stemp) and 25.4 mm is a standard mountain bike clamp diameter. Your stem needs to match the clamp diameter. The clamp diameter and stem must match exactly. The grip area diameters need to ...

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