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Let's unpack that a bit. The first consideration is control. Do wider or narrower bars give better control? Narrow bars mean that small movements cause larger direction changes, wider bars mean you have to move them more to steer. The amount you need to turn depends on your speed. If you're doing 30 kph (~20 mph) then you need only small steering ...


Well, your handlebar's diameter where the stem clamps onto it has to be compatible with your stem. Your brake levers and shifters (if any) should also be able to clamp onto the bar (this also means matching diameters). After that, its completely up to personal choice. Go with something that makes you feel comfortable and happy. I do have fairly wide bars on ...


There are some alternative manufacturers of relatively similar handlebars, even though some of them are even more expensive and thus not the answer the OP wants, some of them are cheaper. (I give you only the names because links are not allowed by BSE). Humpert Boomerang Handlebars - 25.4 mm Clamp Halo Bar, found at TiCycles. This unluckyly discontinued ...


Titec used to make a cheaper aluminum version, but it's been discontinued. You can probably still find them on eBay.


Replace all of your allen bolts with security allen bolts. There's really nothing you can do to stop a determined criminal, only slow him down, but security bolts will add a level of confusion which will quickly deter the average opportunistic thief.

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