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As long as you existing rotors are in good condition and thicker than 1.6mm (minimum safe thickness) you should have no issue with using them with the Shimanos. There doesn't seem to be an industry standard specification for rotor thickness but it is generally taken to be between 1.8mm - 2.0mm. The new callipers will self adjust to the rotor width. Clean ...


From your install manual, the "Burnish" period is only 30-40 stops, so you should be beyond that. If the bike is still within a month or two of purchase, I would suggest taking the bike back to the shop and playing dumb. They sold you the bike, they should fix the brakes that aren't working properly. If they say, "they're supposed to do that", I'd suggest ...


Sounds like a major fluid loss, somewhere. Check around the hose joints, and the brake levers and calipers for fluid leakage. If not, it's probably a blown piston seal, which in rare cases can leak, but reseal under low fluid pressure.


Just throwing out something I found - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KpdTKzgoVGk. my apologies if this missed the mark.


I can't imagine how it did it as I didn't think there would be enough clearance between calliper and rotor, but the actual problem now I have gotten around to pulling off the back wheel is that the mobile pad got thrown and hence no fluid leak just a missing pad. @zenbike thanks for answer however.


Ring the bike shop before doing anything. They may prefer you take it back to them rather than try to fix it yourself. All it probably needs a calliper alignment. Briefly - Loosen the two bolts holding the calliper so its free to move but is not sloppy. Slowly bring the brakes on while spinning the wheel. Once the brakes are on tight, without releasing ...


There are a couple of possibilities, the easiest would be that your reach adjustment is simply different from the other lever, it would be the easiest to "fix" and the first thing I'd check. If that's not the case and the lever actually isn't returning out all the way, I'd try taking the mechanical parts of the lever apart, then cleaning and inspecting the ...

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