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With some luck, it may be possible. Chris King sells conversion kits their heasets, they might work with other brands too and cost about the same as a good headset from some other brand. When threaded headsets were still common, there used to be aftermarket conversion kits for other brands, too. Of course you will need a new fork.


Not sure why you would attempt to use a threaded headset as a threadless headset - other than trying to save on something which you can't. The stem and top-cap assembly of a threadless headset are integral to securing the fork into the frame. Whereas a threaded headset secures the to the fork using a large nut. There is nothing to stop you buying retro one ...


The bearing races themselves get replaced, but what can happen is the races becoming loose in the frame. I can't imagine that happening just through wear, though, you'd have to pull and replace the bearing races hundreds of times. Normally that is the result of either a crash deforming the races, or the bearing not being quite square when someone hammers it ...


Just noticed this old question and I thought I'd try to close it out. I finally took the bike in and the tech tinkered a bit and ended up replacing one of the bearings. It's entirely possible that I had, in fact, installed it incorrectly, which wouldn't be too surprising considering I'm still learning. Thanks to everyone for their comments!

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