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It sounds as through you loosened the compression nut inside your carbon steer tube, which you should not have done. That bolt (the 5mm inside) should be tightened once during installation and is not touched for a headset adjustment (or than to perhaps check it is still tight). When you loosened that bolt, you made it so that the top cap will simply pull ...


My opinion is that the smaller balls could theoretically be smoother. The larger balls could be more durable. Seeing as how a typical low tech headset lasts a very long time if installed, adjusted and maintained correctly, I doubt it makes a huge difference. The exposed part of the race may be slightly more visible if appearance is a critical factor.


No, there is no way to look up the lengths of tubes. According to quick web search, both bikes have 1 1/8 threadless headsets, so that is the diameter you should shop for. What you can do is measure the head tube of the frame, add a couple of centimeters for headset, around 5 centimeters for the stem and room for enough spacers to get the handlebars at the ...


Pictures would help here, but I am 95% sure that you won't be able to do that because there is no race for the caged bearings to ride on. Sealed bearings have the race built in and the frame/headset will have a shoulder that the bearings butts up against, but not a race. The other issue you will run into is that most sealed bearings are press-fit and the ...

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