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See Emyr's answer above. In a threadless headset (which is what is shown in the picture), the stem is what keeps the fork compressed into the head tube. To make sure the stem is holding the fork in correctly, loosen the bolts that hold the stem to the steer tube of the fork. Then tighten the cap on top of the steer tube. You have to make sure the cap is ...


The wobbling could come from the fork. This is easy to check by putting a finger between two parts of the headset (as you can see here, around 0:35 ). If you brake and feel movement, problem is for sure on the headset. If you do, is the headset the correct size, BOTH for the frame and for the tube? And are they in good shape? These parts have low tolerances ...


You don't mention the stem in your question. If you tighten the topcap bolt without loosening the stem clamp, you won't be preloading the headset; instead you'll be crushing the spacers between the step and topcap.

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