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There are stages to recovery from any illness (or injury, for that matter). After surviving the incident and any medical intervention, we hopefully get to the rehabilitation stage. At this point, we're usually weak in a muscular sense, and feeling weak too. The type of rehabilitation we undertake now has a big bearing on the end point we get to. It's all ...


Unless you are older or have a heart problem, I wouldn't waste my money. I'm a 55 year old smoker, who passes most bikers while smoking and riding no handed. If your healthy, there is little need, unless your training for racing.


We don't do specific product recommendations. However I got a cheap $25 ANT+ HRM off and it has work superlatively for the last 6 months, on the original battery. I got a cheap cadence meter off a local supplier and its been nothing but rubbish. Chews through a battery in a day or two, and is very hard to find. I'm glad it was on clearance at $20 ...


I use a Garmin Forerunner 235 which has these features. The heart rate monitor is built into the back of the watch, rather than using a chest strap which I think the Polar model does. It can also connect to bike speed/cadence sensors, your smart phone etc. A dedicated bike computer like the Garmin Edge 810 is also useful as it adds a map display and route ...

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