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"Women's" helmet is a pure marketing feature. All helmets have to pass the same safety standards and if it fits wear it. Most helmet models come in at least 2 or 3 sizes. You should be able to find a helmet in the size that fits your head diameter. All the major manufacturers make helmets for every head size from 2 year olds to XL for adults. Every helmet ...


One purpose of a visor is to shield the sun like a baseball cap. There are many factors: Wind resistance is not as big a factor on a mountain bike (slower speeds). The more upright position on a mountain bike puts a visor more into play. On a road bike the rider is leaning forward and facing down and the visor can even block forward view. A visor ...


I wish they had them 20 years ago when I was much younger and rode much more difficult terrain, with much less respect (aka fear) than I now have. (I ride mostly technical XC, not downhill). As far a protection goes, if the choice is a traditional light weight helmet or one like this, you will be better off with this. It is not an alternate to a down hill ...


I think this is kind of a non-question. You want the helmet that rides the fastest? For anything "fastest", either components or kit, just look at what the professional riders are using. This seems to imply that you either wear a regular-design lid (albeit one which is very light, very ventilated, and probably very expensive). Or, you go for a time-trial ...


Aerodynamics of a helmet cannot be considered in isolation but rather how it affects aerodynamics when on the rider. The fastest helmet choice for one rider won't necessarily be the fastest for another, it's quite an individual thing. I've done many, many aero tests of helmets on rider, and am often surprised at the combination that proves best. In general ...


There are now "sprinters" helmets that are bit in between TT helmets and regular bike helmets. Giro Air Attack is a good example. There are even some pro riders using them in TT stages.


Many helmets are offered in various sizes. Often the cheaper helmets will only come in one size. This is an example of a helmet offered in 3 sizes Bell Lumen. Many of the helmets also offers an adjustable band. A mountain bike helmet should work fine for commuting.

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