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Following the advice of those who commented: I came upon this solution. Cut the access length (about 1 cm), leaving enough for adjustment Melt the ends of the straps with a torch Use electrical tape to wrap the ends tightly so they resemble 'method 1' but without the excess length.


There are organizations that offer riding in traffic classes, they even plan with you your best commute route, I would look into that as a way to gain confidence. Keep in mind that if you are afraid or you doubt at some intersection or maneouvre it can be dangerous if someone decides they don't want to wait for you to make your move. Confidence and paying ...


It seems to me that the types of injuries are different for motorbikes and bicycles, so that the requirements are different, and I can't see that body armour is useful for bicycles. Common motorbike incidents are when a rider comes off the bike at fairly high speed, either because they lost control or in a collision, and the clothing is designed to protect ...


If you're commuting, and using a folding bike as many do, bear in mind that the joint on the horizontal tube is a singe point of failure. If that joint fails for any reason, you're suddenly going to be riding a pair of unicycles instead of a bicycle. You'll almost certainly hit the ground face-first (especially if you use clipless pedals) and only a ...

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