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I sweat easily and am in shape however I do the following (and this may repeat what others have advised, while the difference is, I do it daily an experience it - I am in Toronto, so the weather is also getting warm): I currently ride in jeans and t-shirts (see below).. I ride where my body temp doesnt get too high...its very tempting to race or keep up ...


A few of my favorite recent tricks: Wearing an 'ice bandana' on the neck Bringing an iced beverage (water or coffee) in a thermos, drinking it to cool down, and then sucking on the ice when you've finished it These both help in hot sweaty NYC summers, but they don't stop sweat completely.


I think you are concerned with the 'rate of degradation'. I've designed sports helmets recently that use similar materials (EPS for example), but not for so long as to ascertain all aspects of durability. Your biggest concern would be loss in mechanical strength on photodegradation. The rate of change in the mechanical integrity of expanded polystyrene ...


A motorcycle helmet will be too hot and heavy for cycling. Spend $20 USD and get a cheap bicycle helmet - you'll be a lot more comfortable and happy.

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