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That's a freehub body. Look on the hub for the model of hub you have, and then you can use that to find the appropriate freehub body model by looking at the documentation of the hub.


How much displacement are we talking about. A mm or two? I've never heard of the wheel moving along the axle. Is the 15QR skewer (the axle) tight? There is a rotatable nut with numbers on the opposite side which you can adjust to move the final angle at which the skewer lever handle sits. One thing I would try is to remove the caliper completely (two ...


This article on Cartridge Wheel Bearing Maintenance on the Art's Cyclery site says: When it comes time to replace the bearings, every hub is a little different. For hubs like this one from Easton, the axle has internal shoulders that require one bearing and the axle to be removed at the same time. To do this, tap on the end of the axle with a soft-faced ...


With a trapped axle like that you use a hammer, ideally a soft face one or I use a bit of wood as a pad. Hold the block against the axle, tap the block with a hammer. Holding the wheel in your hand rather than blocking it against a solid surface also reduces the impact. You will still probably damage the bearings, so preferably don't do this until you have ...


I've used the hammer method on my goldtec hubs back when I was a push bike courier in London. Reckon my rear hub did something like 80,000 miles in 6 years, changed bearings twice... I was definitely what you'd call a bush mechanic....but think hammer method is fine.

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