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Be certain to check on the quality of the grease...... Automobile rear end (differential) lube contains a good percentage of zinc dialkyldithiophosphate--the this lube splashes along the rear axle (rear wheel drive vehicles) and is the only source of lubrication for the rear axle timken tapered roller bearings. It is not unheard of for these bearings to ...


Hi you say this is the second time it has happened , did the axle snap/break on the previous occasion ? is it a mountain bike ? does it take a bit of hammering ? if the they are cartridge bearings ,you shouldn't need a new wheel ,just a couple of new cartridge bearings ,and an axle . just take what's left of the bearing cases , get a ruler , measure inner ...


Have you tried adjusting it at the caliper ,just dial it back a notch or maybe two ,but make sure your brakes are still effective when you do.


It could be a number of issues but I doubt you got a bad hub. Check to make sure your wheel is seated correctly in the fork. You could also try tightening/loosening the skewer to see if that may help align things. If all that doesn't work then you can try to realign the caliper if necessary. I wouldn't worry much if its just a little rub.


Ok so I figured this out. I tracked down a 0.5mm spacer and when I went to switch out one of the spacers I realised they were almost the same size. The White Industries spacer are just over 0.5mm. When I lined them up next to a Shimano 1mm spacer they were slightly taller. Replaced the two White industries with one Shimano spacer re indexed, chain rub is ...


You're thinking about this from the wrong side of the cassette. All cassettes end at roughly the same point or the lockring wouldn't engage correctly. The spacers are to make sure there is significant compression, but because the cassette is still in the same spot relative to the drive side of the wheel the chainline shouldn't change. That said you might ...


It looks like the washer in your photo may be a "Wedge-Lock" washer like those available here: http://www.mcmaster.com/#standard-washers/=xhptlp They appear to sell under the names "Heico-Lock" & "Nord-Lock". This may be a UK source: http://uk.rs-online.com/web/c/fasteners-fixings/nuts-washers/locking-anti-vibration-washers/ I should note that there ...

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