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It depends. Rear derailleur lever geometry, shifter cable pull and clicks amount control rear derailleur lateral movement amount. Let's assume that there are 11 cogs with distance of 10mm between each other and derailler moves 10mm every click. 11 speed cassette might have the same width, which means 10% lesser distance between cogs, so it's 9mm. When ...


According to SRAM's website, the Predictive steering hubs use a "dedicated interface for the RS-1 fork". The hub/dropout interface is toothed, to lock the dropout and hub into place and prevent twisting. Boost 110: Predictive Steering hub: In addition, the Maxle Ultimate which is designed for the RS-1 and is required on the hubs, is only available ...


That sounds like 3/8 inch. Take the hub to a bike shop, they'll be able to pick out a compatible axle for you.


The DT Swiss 240s front hub is a sealed bearing hub. Service includes removing the endcaps, removing the bearing seals, regreasing the bearing cartridge, and then reversing the process. There are no special tools required. The end caps are a friction fit, and, while they are tight, they will remove by hand. If bearings are damaged, replace the entire ...

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