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Is it usually OK to tip the bike to replace tube/repair a puncture? How can you get the wheels off halfway up a mountain without tipping the bike? This is a very interesting question.


I use my bicycle for street freestyle stunting.. and from my experience, larger rotors provide better control vs. more stopping power. I use my front brake to do stoppies (a stunt where the front brake is applied to tip the bike onto the front wheel and continue rolling). When I upgraded to a 203mm rotor, I noticed that it required less lever movement to ...


I would try repairing them before binning them and purchasing the Shimano upgrade. If there is no obvious fluid leak around the piston the seals are likely in good order and you've got a sticky piston rather than a failed calliper. This is a simple fix: Remove wheel and brake pads. Using a flat headed item hold the working piston in. Squeeze the lever, the ...

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