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Astra was the Beacon Cycle house brand, according to Sheldon. As @Blam and @Daniel R Hicks say, it's a mid-range 80s bike (that's a compliment)! The lugs, while nothing special, aren't drainpipe thick - this is a good thing. It was probably built well. Crankset may be Stronglight, and the derailleur and front mech are probably Sachs-Huret. Basic components ...


Too bad the first picture is so backlit. I can't zoom in very well- amazed you have determined its a Columbia! The chain guard is by Wald, purchased sometime in the distant past from an IBD. The fork has most certainly been damaged from a frontal impact. The pedals were most likely installed after 1973; the year the CPSC mandated pedal reflectors. The frame ...

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