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It's a Mongoose Manuever... late 90's early 2000's if i had to guess. Basically a Walmart or department store bicycle shaped object. There should be a serial number, probably beneath the crank. Pacific Cycles is who bought that division of mongoose which is sold in big box stores. If you want to know more you could contact Pacific Cycles with the model ...


Most bike shops have access to parts for adult trikes, no matter who the manufacture was, taking the trike in is always a plus (I know it's a hassle) but call first to make sure your working with a shop willing to help you before you haul it in. I've sent a message with the serial # to one of my vendors to see if it's one of their models (I'll respond later ...


Based on the current lineup of 2016, I'd guess its a Cayo, because their other models have radially spoked front wheels. However that could have changed in the last three years. Their website was the top match on google for "focus road bike"


It's probably a Phillips brand English roadster. The lugs on this example do not match the picture, but the strange looking rear fork and BSA bottom bracket are typical on English 3 speeds.

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