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If you remove the stickers it might help show you any branding. It LOOKS like a reasonably decent, slightly old school mountain bike. The kind worth handing down. People are debating if its a BSO. This means Bike Shaped Object, which is derogatory term for rubbish bikes sold in supermarkets etc. It looks better than that, branded forks and decent ...


You'd probably get a good information by looking at the components. Assuming the components are original, you can tell a lot information about the general quality of the frame from the quality components. Almost nobody is putting DuraAce on a cheap Walmart frame, and almost nobody is putting Tourney parts on a Cervello. The bolt on wheels and ProMax crank ...


My friend had one, definitely Alpinestar. The forks are probably newer than '91, look like mid-90's Manitou's. The stock fork was probably rigid, someone swapped it out with the suspension fork.


My Google-Fu comes up with the 1991 Alpinestar Ti Mega. It looks like they made an aluminum version as well. The tube shapes look to be about the same. Might be a good starting point for you.


This may be a Schwinn. I used the first 5 digits of the serial and plugged it into this stolen bikes registry website. There's a bike starting with a similar serial number also starting with SNFSD followed by the same number of characters: Does the picture look like yours?


Fetish bikes are a white label brand out of Taiwan. Most of their bikes change year to year and rarely have any identifying markings to a model outside a sticker (which is not applied when shipped, leaving it optional for the first owner to apply). Honestly it may not ever truly be identified. If you need a replacement part or repair, it's best to take it ...


Initial answer: Google says that Staiger is a German bike company. Curiously, none of their current range has any resemblance to your frame shape - that weird shortened toptube is quite unusual.

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