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It's a JC Higgins Jet Flow from about 1953-57. Here's a forum thread where people are ready to pay $350+ for one in pristine condition.


Brifters plus quill stem suggests around 1997 or 1998 vintage. The rear brake bridge formed like a front fork, instead of two full seat stays up to the seat post... that's quite unusual. Makes the smallish frame look even smaller. I'd guess its a 7, maybe 8 speed on the rear, can't see in the photos. The front fork has relatively little rake (curve) on ...


100% sure this was made by Motobecane. It looks exactly like my 1974 M. Grand Touring -- the frame, fork, headset, and bottom bracket are identical; even the frame color is the same. And the pedals are the same, too. Search for Motobecane Grand Touring on ebay for photos (I don't have mine any more). If I looked only at the second photo (except for the ...


The graphics looks similar to a '61 Dynamax TDF edition, made by Motobecane for the Canadian market. Could be a different model year maybe? 61 dynamax decals.. Look like a similar cartoon style. Either way its pretty awesome!


1970's wanna-be-a-racer French bike. That looks like Huret's cheapest rear derailleur. To ride it, you'd want to replace the headset and fork. Why fix up a cheap bike? If you're really considering it, at least remove the cotters and open up the French threaded bottom bracket to see if the cups are pitted. Spindle also. If they're not smooth - if there'...


Answer: Its a 1970s french racing bike in steel. I see cottered cranks (the wee bolts holding the cranks to the bottom bracket axle. so its pre 1980s Lugged steel construction - there's an edge above your head badge sticker Significant amounts of rake on the front fork (looks quite "bent") Quill Stem No rack or mudguard eyelets. Observations: the ...


Looking at the integrated shaft and the style of bike it could be from Arcade. I can't see the bike in their current catalogue, but that's hardly surprising. Maybe if you contacted them directly they could help you out.


It think it's a Swiss bike. The top tube says Velo Sport Walpen Fiesch. Walpen is a Swiss surname from Valais in Switzerland. Fiesch is a municipality in Valais in Switzerland. There is/was a Swiss bike company called Moor, which on older bikes carry this head badge: I found an old German eBay listing in the Google web cache for this bike in Berlin,...


This bicycle is a Micargi Mustang. See this Google search. An an image from this website:


Is it steel? Can't tell from a photo, so you need to use a magnet. If a magnet sticks, its steel. Is it a good bike? If you want to ride it, enjoy riding it, fit comfortably on it and it doesn't fail under you, then its a good bike.

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