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This was Co-op's private brand bicycle from 1969 - 1990


Just stop at Huffy. If you must, look for a serial number on the bottom bracket (not sure if Huffys have one or not) and call them. I'm not sure what knowing what kind of Huffy it is is going to buy you, though. The parts that are missing should be readily available- or at least orderable- from your LBS.


I locked in your FORK, but your frame could most likely be from the 1990's SR Suntour XCM V3 Coil 26" Fork (2011) Item Number: 100079607 Manufacturer: Suntour ItemNo 100079607 Color Black Fork Model XCM V3 coil QR-V/D fork 100mm (1" thrd-150mm NLA> Steerer Tube 1" Threaded Front Axle Type 9x100mm quick-release Spring Type Coil Brake Type rim + ...


It has to be a Huffy Rail. The decal on the chain guard is exactly the same. All the geometry, too.


My grandmother worked for Sears for 40 years and almost everything I ever got from her came from there. She got this bike for me for Christmas 1970. It was the sickest bike on my street and was stolen by the end of the year. I have been looking and believe it might be a Sears Spyder 500 5-speed?


It looks quite similar to the Schwinn Stingray. If you Google around they seem to have made quite a few models, and were quite popular, and hence, many knockoffs were made in order to mooch off their popularity. Your's looks similar to the one in the 1977 catalog, except your's has the gear shifter, and they do list 3 and 5 speed models.

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