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Hard to tell anything from the photo but it's definitely a low level frame, most likely from the late 1970s. The giveaways are: The thickness of the lugs. Good quality lugs (such as Nervex or Henry James) are much thinner. A top level builder will thin the lugs even further. Those are cheap stamped lugs. The square ends of the bottom bracket lugs. Crimped ...


I don't know the exact model (probably is Trainer as shown on the top tube decal) but it was likely built sometime right around 1984, most likely 1984-1986 judging by the parts. The brand was known as Motobecane for most of their history. They went bankrupt in 1981 and were bought by the Japanese (Yamaha or Suzuki, I forget which) who relaunched the brand in ...


Actually, I don't believe it's a Stumpjumper, I think it is a 2001 Specialized S-Works FSR XC.

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