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I think this Chainless drive aka "Sussex Drive" I came across a brand or model called Dynamic which had the same odd bend in the top tube.


Looks like a 70s/80s single-speed bike, or possibly a 3 speed rear internally geared hub. Will be a steel frame and forks. Those brake calipers look somewhat flimsy, and the plastic saddle is definitely non-original, possibly from a BMX or kids bike. Its also possible it was a derailleur bike in the past but has had parts changed. Unless you know its ...


The bike is most likely a Verde Theory (from 2014) IIRC, these were the only models that had the embossed Verde leaf on the head tube. Source: I've been riding mostly Verde bikes and parts since 2011, have seen my fair share of parts and know the branding fairly well.


The Freyus name in bikes has been around since 1896. According to the following Italian Wiki page, Bianchi did purchase the name in the 70s, which had already morphed into "Frejus" (and while my Italian is.. almost non-existent, I'm pretty certain there's no change in pronunciation.) Then, in 2006, the Masciaghi Brothers (Fratelli Masciaghi) bike company - ...


I don't have an exact answer - most of us ride plain old human-powered bikes, but you can tell from the label its a 36V Nickel Metal Hydride battery with a total capacity of 8 Amp-hours. Most ebikes these days are Lithium Polymer variations, for weight and power density reasons. So I suspect your bike is getting a little old. If the manufacturer doesn't ...


Verde BMX at They appear to be based in Columbus, Ohio, USA. Method: I did a google image search for "BMX logo leaf" because it looks like a leaf to me One of the images is this, which looks kind of similar Following the link to their web site gave me this answer

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