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Looks a lot like an old Free Spirit road. Note the fork crown, the weld quality around the head tube, the attachment of the rear dropouts and the single-piece bottom bracket.


As noted in Help to identify this bicycle, please, the folks at the BMX Bike Museum may be able to decode the "VIN" for you.


The one piece seat-stay/chain-stay construction looks like a Hutch* from the early 80's however, having both the left & right side stays made from one bent tube doesn't match up exactly with anything I have looked at while browsing the BMX Museum. It might be something from the late 70s (they only have from 1980 on pictured there). Or it might be a ...


Can't tell a great deal from that picture alone... Can you supply some clearer pictures? in daylight side on view looking at the chainring side would be best. The tubing looks a bit too angular to be a Western Flyer - but some of those did have dual top tube. Those slim rear stays look like Raleigh or RMI Roadster. Maybe even a Humber... although, I've ...

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