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Yes, inner tubes do that. They are like balloons, except that the butyl rubber they are made of doesn't stretch like natural latex rubber. You are not supposed to inflate tubes outside a tire. Tires have fabric casing to withstand the pressure.


Yes, they do degrade over time. Unfortunately, various brands and different storage conditions yield different results, so I'm not able to give an estimation of how long can you safely store a tube. How ever, I can recommend the conditions that appeared to give best results. The tubes I could use after long time of storage without problems where those that ...


I found it! After careful inspection of the tire I found a small piece of glass stuck into it: It's sharp side was facing the tube. Here is the place where it was stuck: On the internal side of the tire you can see a little hole: It was hard to feel this little thing by hand. But when I pumped the tire and rode, creating high pressure, this sharp ...


As long as it is in the range you are good. You can even cheat outside the stated range a bit. Too big and you can fold. Too small and you stretch. If it is spare you are going to carry on the bike then the smaller.


Either of those inner tubes are fine for that tyre. I'd recommend the smaller size since it's easier to get in the tyre without folds or twists.


One semi-related tip: wrap the tube you carry with you in a sock or leave it in the box. I've wrenched at lots of centuries and multi-day rides and very often we get people coming in for mechanical help because they flatted, put in their spare tube and discovered it too was flat. The problem was the tube was sitting in the seat bag along with a multitool and ...


On long enough time scales (many decades), sure. Rubber-y things oxidize (seems like drying out, but it's different). On more practical time scales (several years), keep them cool and protected from UV light and ozone. They'll be fine.


I've glued hundreds of tubulars and learned the craft from some of the best mechanics in the sport including a former wrench with the Motorola team and a former Mavic Service Course mechanic. These days tubulars are really only used in cyclocross, track and at the very top level of the sport. There are some very distinct downsides: Safety. Improperly ...


Solved the issue of leaking air on the core part of the Presta valve by using Teflon tape to tighten the seal. Like this:

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