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A tube can usually fit a range of different tire sizes, because the tube can stretch a bit when it is being inflated. The range of tire sizes is written on the package that you see at the store. Since your tire is 26"x1.5", you need to find a tube that is labelled as being appropriate for a 26" (diameter) tire and a width range that includes 1.5". For ...


It should say on the package at the store what the size is. If you have a 26 x 1.5in tire, you will just want to make sure the tube you buy overlaps the 1.5in. For example, it may say 26" x 1.5" to 2". You will also want to make sure you get a tube with the proper kind of valve. Either Presta or Schrader. Look at the valve on tube you already have, if it ...


That does not look like a 28 decimal That is a 28 fraction and that is not a 700 (622) Sheldon Tire Sizing


The tyre is there to support the tube, without the tyre you couldn't put 110psi into the tube on its own. Once you get a hole in the tyre, the tube isn't supported and will have escaped through that hole and stretched until it failed with a bang. The hole in the tyre might look small when it has no pressure in it but when you put 100psi into it, the hole ...

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