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Make sure your valve core is tight. You can buy a valve tool at your local auto parts store. If the valve core is tight, you have a hole if it goes flat in a few minutes. Replace the tube and check your rim strip to make sure it is covering all the spoke ends. I prefer thorn resistant tubes. They last about 10 times longer between flats and hold air longer. ...


I don't know if department stores like Walmart carry Presta tubes. You had a Presta and need to replace it with a Presta. The size you need is 700x35 or 27x1 3/8. I like thorn resistant tubes. They are heavier and more expensive but will usually go 10 times further without a flat.


If the tube was too big, it can have folds in it and that will make it pop too soon. I bought some Sunlite tubes a while ago. When I went to install them, they were too big in circumference. Both the tubes and the boxes were labelled the correct size but these were not 700x35 (27x1 3/8) They were more like 29" in diameter. I didn't install them. I bought ...


They are also solid one-piece tires made by Tannus ( and AmeriTyre ( that will replace the whole tire and inner tube. One thing to consider with these kinda of tires is that the depth of the rim must be meassured properly otherwise the tires will roll-off the rim if ...


Try using a different pump. I had the same problem and couldn't find a leak, replaced the tube and still had the same problem. Eventually I tried a different pump and no problems. The pump I had must have been damaging the valve.


I think this is the tip of a major crime wave. We will look back on this as the very first instance of The Great Tube thief. With her cunning and guile she will continue to evade detection as she travels the world stealing inner tubes, willy, and quite literally, nilly. Whether they are beautifully crafted, lightweight sleek handcrafted latex tubes, with ...


You should mount the tire first and inflate second. Tubes are not supposed to be inflated outside tires, they will behave like balloons but the material they are made of is not as stretchy.

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