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Low tube pressure and similar dips, I have had it, and it caused cut, sometimes double cut, when hitting a curb or other crush on the pneumatic. Those made the air in the tube go out really fast. I changed rim tape and now keep pressure high, i e pump the wheel more often.


I would recommend replacing rim tape with a modern plastic one. You could inspect the existing cloth one, but then you would need to remove it to inspect the spoke ends. Cloth tapes often don't survive removal. When the tape is off, inspect the spoke ends and the nipples. If one is sharp, use emery paper to remove the burr. Do not use a file: a single ...


That will be fine. 38 is the measure of your tyre width. Most inner tubes can be used in a range of tyre widths eg 38-43 (it should say on the box) They all seem a bit big and flappy until the tyre is on and it's pumped up. Be careful not to pinch any of your inner tube between the edge of the rim and the bead of the tyre.


In addition to what Blam suspects, verify you don't have any debris in your rim, and that your rim tape is not damaged. If this tube was a replacement after a flat, it's possible whatever caused the previous flat remains to torment you further.


What that looks like to me is that you had the tube pinched (folded) up along side the value stem. That would explain both the cut and the bulges. That cut looks like a tear - a faulty tube would have more of a clean split. When you mount tire make sure the valve is free (you can push it in).

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