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The retaining nut will help keep the valve in one position, which might solve a part of the problem. As for the cap, I don't think it's necessary - it will only protect the valve from weather conditions and dirt. With a shop pump like Joe Blow a bit more reliable option is to place the valve at 6 o'clock position for pumping. When it's at 12 o'clock the ...


Use those two items - retaining screw and cap. On the valve there are actually two sets of threads One to open and close Two to remove the core If you unscrew to far / hard the core comes out. You probable loosened the core and then it blew out. Some sets of tubes just don't have the core very tight. Get a tool to remove the core - it is also ...


I also use a Joe Blow on my prestas. After I had a couple valve stems bend and/or break, I started making sure I only unscrew the stem a little bit. My theory was that by unscrewing the stem all the way up, it was easier to bend or break when pulling the pump head off. Haven't had it happen again since.


Yes the tube size should match the tire size. But a smaller tube will stretch. Too big a tube may fold. Max means max. If the the tire says 85 psi max then that is the max. If you weigh 180 then run the tire at or near the maximum. Do not put 116 PSI in that tire. Even if you have the wrong size tube pressure is still based on tire (not tube).

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