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You ask a couple of questions. Lets work through them ... How can I teach an 18 year old girl to ride a bicycle again From what you say it seems she already knows how to ride. ... she has stopped riding at the age of 7 due to crashing into a tennis net and getting scared about cycling. ... She's scared of getting on the bike and is scared of ...


This is a relatively unusual situation. Your young lady has passed the age of invincibility where kids will try things with less fear of consequences. Q1 Does she have hearing issues or balance issues? If yes, then there may be a medical cause. If she can walk and run fine, then she can ride a bike. Q2 What kind of bike was she riding a decade ago? I ...


I would go for the same way I taught my kids to ride. Take the pedals off and let her scoot around until she gets comfortable with the balancing part. Put the seat low enough so that she can touch flat footed. This will allow her to gain confidence and not worry about falling. Once the fear is gone, the rest should come reasonably quickly.

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