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This isn't a ulock, but it's the same idea. It's a 0.9 lb bike lock made from Titanium. They cost $99 and come with a water bottle cage mount as shown. TiGrĀ® mini Bike Lock enter link description here


Jiggle it, wiggle it, slap it around a little. The latch part is probably not retracting when it should. You can also blast the lock with a penetrating lubricant and repeat the jiggle/wiggle/tap. You could try contacting Rock Bros at for advice and possible replacement. Its slightly disconcerting ...


If you haven't taken the time to yet, you should contact Abus, they are generally pretty proud of their products and stand by their workmanship. I would not be surprised if they replaced the holster all together for you. This is where i would start before trying to repair it yourself.

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