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Brake or gear inner cable make eyes/loops either end using 2mm ferrules and use a mini luggage lock to secure. As above this is a delay/move on to easier pickings tactic, try to keep your bike in full public view and use two different types of bike lock ie chain and u lock as most bike thieves do not come equipped with two sets of removal tools.


Also consider the Master Lock Street Cuffs handcuff lock. 2 lengths available and works well. Comes with a water bottle cage mount for the frame.


I'd guess the big apple will make it tight depending on what you lock to. Certainly the long shackle variants or standard shackle variants will fit around this. I have a Kryptonite New York Lock in a long shackle variant can fit around pretty much anything. When you get the bike, you can easily measure the width the lock needs to have along with the ...

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