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Join http://WarmShowers.org I have seen many members offering a place to store a bike. Or, buy them at a bike shop that will take care of them for you afterward. Or, go home on the train and take them with you. http://www.google.com/search?q=bikes+on+trains+in+france


Probably your best bet if you want to park them is to meet someone with a large shed who'll put the bikes up for you. If you make the finance/convenience tradeoff I think selling the bikes after your stay and getting new ones when you return might be a better option, but I understand the convenience of having the same bike. I can think of several options ...


As others have already explained, cutting through one 10 mm bit of metal is definitely easier than cutting through an 18 mm one. In addition to that point the U-lock you use as a comparison would also require cuts on both sides as this video explains. This is basically because the locking mechanism locks both sides, and as you would need a massive tool to ...

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