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You can rotate the key back and forth while you insert it, That should help realign the cylinders. This actually a common problem and doesn't mean that the lock is broken. Take it to your bike shop if you continue to have problems. They are experts at the jiggle-dance sometimes necessary to get the key in.


This happened to my Kryptonite Series 2 recently. The key inserted fine and got stuck during the turn. I was able to unlock it by pumping the key cylinder with a lot of wd-40 and then jiggling the key vigorously for about 10 minutes before it would turn or remove.


If the remnants of the key are still in the lock, your best bet is to get them in the right position (far enough but not too far in) and turn the piece to open the lock. The stub of the key may come in handy if you still have it, else try a screwdriver or similar. I've opened a few locks that way. If you pushed the broken off piece in too far, try a dab of ...


If part of the key is in the lock, your best bet is to save the key stub and use it to turn the lock. The trick is to get the broken off piece in the right position – not too far out and not too far in – and turn it. It'll work like a regular key, and I've opened a few locks with broken off keys this way. Instead of the stub, a screwdriver might also do the ...

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