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The crank arm should definitely be lubed before installing into a bottom bracket. This is because of the long term rotations that are going to occur, and you want cranks to spin as freely in the BB as they can. As for other things like BB into the frame and headset, the reading I have done doesn't indicate that the BB needs to be greased prior to ...


I can't imagine any reason not to lube a part that's going to be pressed into place. It will make the pressing easier with less damage to the materials and there's no way it will lead to the part sliding out somehow. Parts that are designed to be pressed into place need a whole lot more than lube to be pushed out of place.


If it helps any, I replaced a press-fit bottom bracket on a carbon-framed bike last year. So, such a thing definitely exists. I wasn't going to lube it, but when I removed the old (factory) bb, there were traces of grease down there, so I cleaned and re-lubed it. Before I did anything to the bike, I did look around for some guidance on what I should be ...

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