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As stated, modern teflon line outer cables do not require lubrication. These cables are often designated as being 2P-class cables. 1P cables lack the liner. Not all cables carry such an indication, visual inspection will quickly show if a liner is present. A teflon liner is a thin, plastic layer inside the outer cable, often white or light blue. If you have ...


I use Rock 'N' Roll Cable Magic cable lube created specifically for non-coated cables. http://www.rocklube.com/cable.htm Without taking the cable all the way out of the housing, I'll shift to get as much slack as I can in the cable so I can get the housing out of the stops (my bike has slotted cable stops) and put in a few drops and move the housing back ...


As many cable manufacturers recommend, modern cables+housings are designed to not be lubricated. So, if you have modern cables, I'd probably avoid lubricating the cables period.


I use chain lube since I also prefer the solvent+grease wet chain lubes. That's exactly what you want inside cable housings. Popping the quick releases on brakes or frame attachments on gear cables, then dribbling chain lube along the inner so it runs down into the outer works well on cables that are already installed and doesn't require re-adjusting ...

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