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The answer to your question depends heavily on the infrastructure that is available to you, and the highest level of mechanical ability in your party. As another pointed out, you will want at least two pumps, multi-tools, etc. My wife and I do pretty challenging mtb tours with BOB trailers. We generally bring the following (subject to modification ...


If you are lucky/careful with your combination of sunglasses and helmet, you can store them quite securely in helmet's vents, which makes it easy to put them on/off with a single hand: (quite hard to find a decent picture of this, screen-capture is from the Vuelta a España 2013, stage 14)


If the image above is correct, the frame-bag is great if all you're carrying is a credit card and a puncture repair kit. It's light, cheap, unobtrusive and doesn't add much air resistance. But if you're carrying even a rain jacket, it'll be hard to find a frame bag big enough. The frame-bag is not waterproof either, so it would be best not to carry a phone ...


You could consider a self-inflating mat (e.g. thermarest) though when I looked at them they were expensive and heavier than my alternative: A foam mat only needs to reach from you shoulders to your hips if it's not too cold. You might then be able to wrap it round your top tube, because there would be a lot less to fit in there - and it would makes ...


I'd have a look at http://store.velo-orange.com/index.php/accessories/racks-decaleurs.html A "decaleur" is a removable handlebar bag mount. You'll still need a (non-removeable) rack for support too though, but for a retro look and larger bag capacity than without a rack, it's a possibility.


I have attached many things to my bike. Alas I only have a few sample pictures, to help illustrate everything I have learned so far: fig1. This is a trailer I made: fig2. These are some alternate Tesco boxes: fig3. This is how I improvised with tape to attach wood and metal onto the rack: fig4. This is an improvised basket after the standard ...

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