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You can buy 30 meter rolls of cable housing such as . I would opt for Shimano or Transfil, as have seen problems with the much cheaper Clarkes. Brake cable housings have a completely different construction to shifters. The housing is a coiled sheath , compared to the axial strands in shifter housing. ...


If I understand your question your concern is the area of cable that is normally exposed.. The sections that run along the top tube or the rear stays. I bought a 300 meter coil of 1/8" id plastic tubing. Look on E bay or Amazon or similar.


I don't know if department stores like Walmart carry Presta tubes. You had a Presta and need to replace it with a Presta. The size you need is 700x35 or 27x1 3/8. I like thorn resistant tubes. They are heavier and more expensive but will usually go 10 times further without a flat.


My brifters date from 1997 and are "early tech" When I got it, they shifted poorly, with a really annoying habit of changing down and then not changing back up. I blasted them with brake cleaner and various oils and fluids which helped, but the only fix was a teardown and soak the guts of it in petrol for a day, to soften the old hardened grease. Now it ...

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