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Is it usually OK to tip the bike to replace tube/repair a puncture? How can you get the wheels off halfway up a mountain without tipping the bike? This is a very interesting question.


From an engineers point of view, if any of the balls were deformed or fractured, I would suggest that the cups and cones would be shot also. If they have just one visible line, crater or flat on the bearing contact surface, then new balls will not last very long in any case. When in doubt, use white lithium grease preferred or Castrol boat trailer grease.


I would suggest taking it in to a small bike shop. Most of the employees that I have seen at bike shops are friendly and willing to help. If you show them what is wrong they might be able to tell you how to fix it. I have done it that way in the past and it has worked for me.


It is very possible that during assembly, the pieces were missed. Try to see if you can shift the seat-stay or chain-stay sideways on the pivot. If you can, you definitely need to find another bushing to fit in there. If there is sideways play in that pivot, it will wear out prematurely. You'll also get all sorts of dirt and debris stuck in there, which ...


It depends. On a road bike you'll want them fairly tight to be able to ride on the hoods without the brake levers turning away or moving downward on the bar. On a mountain bike, at least the brake levers should be able to rotate away in case of a crash. But they still should be relatively tight such that they don't turn away while braking or because of ...


I bought a CRX City Commuter bike in 2007, with a Nexus 8 hub gear. I've riden it 18kms (approx 11 miles), 4 days a week, since then, excepting holidays. A bit over 20,000km in all. It's not particularly fast or mechanically efficient, but very reliable. In terms of maintenance, Ive had it packed with grease once and that's all. In contrast, my brakes ...


A 700x23 bicycle tire has a finite life span dependent on: The surface damage done to the tire The distance the tire has been ridden The age of the tire The initial quality of the tire The tires supplied on bicycles straight from the manufacturer are generally at the lower end of quality of bike tires. From my experience I expect to get 2,500 miles from ...

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