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They lock up Pretend just 1 pawl and just 1 tooth. Crank is fixed - left and right chainring spin at same rpm. Hub is fixed - left and right pawl spin at same rpm. The green part is attached to the hub that is attached to the wheel. The teeth are attacked to the cogs that are attached to the chain. Gearing 2:1 left (higher faster) assume 32 ...


It is possible to buy a basic new fork for about £20 to £30. eg Raleigh 700C 1 1/8" Threaded Fork from Evans. Or there's a variety of options on Ebay, either new or used. Or some cycling forums have classified sections, so you could post a wanted advert. Though there are several things to check to ensure a replacement fork is compatible: wheel size. That ...


These folks should be able to help out for super cheap: London Bike Kitchen


This is my mental experiment on this. The O.P. states he would install a bigger cog on the left, and a bigger chainring on the right, resulting on a higher (faster) gear ration on right side and a lower(slower) gear ratio on the left. Now, if the freewheel is installed normally (i.e. freewheeling on coast) then this happens: If the freewheel is on the ...

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