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It depends on how you buy the brake, so you need to check whats coming with what you're buying. Typically, you get the caliper+pads+rotor+mounting hardware and buy the brake lever (which is a V-brake lever most of the time unless its a road brake in which case its a regular short pull lever) separately along with the cables+housing. In some cases though ...


I've verified that the hub spacing is 145mm - standard for a tandem. The hub on the bike is unmarked, unbranded, and Trek's website simply lists it as "alloy hub". It appears to be a 135mm hub with a longer axle and spacers in place.


Hi I actually have the same tandem bought from e-bay (UK) around a year ago a bit battered. I have replaced both front and back wheels with usual 26" Shimano Deore mountain bike wheels from my local bike shop. Replaced lots of other stuff as well.

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