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The nut is most likely suffering from galvanic corrosion in which case penetrating oil won't work because penetrating oil does nothing to break the chemical bond holding the two parts together. Instead of penetrating oil you can try a mild acid (think lemon juice or vinegar) which might help eat away at the bonds without damaging the finish on your fork. The ...


Having spent years figuring out that I was riding bikes too big for me, I'd have to agree with commenters above about the frame size. A crappy bike that's the right size, or even a little too small, is way easier and more fun to ride than a sweet bike that's too big. Also, in my town -- Vancouver, BC -- that's already a commuting bike. Different handlebars ...


Smaller components need much finer machines (higher cost) to manufacture. When precision scales up, so does cost of manufacture. Larger items are easier to manufacture. When it comes to performance, apart from materials, there is often a large cost associated with the type of manufacturing process involved.

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