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Yesterday i brought my new cycle roadeo hannibal but yesterday it was correct but next day it is not shifting on 6th gear when i shift the gear on 6th it will directly goes to 7th gear from 5th to 7th gear and front gear is on 1th gear plz help me what to do plz plz plz plz plz!!!!!!!!!!


I have repaired a pedal powered toy that had an arrangement like this. It was an Italian ride-on toy tractor that had a modified coaster brake set up so that instead of back pedalling applying a brake, the "brake" mechanism inside the hub locked against the hub body so that you could pedal the toy backwards. The modification didn't seem particularly ...


Have a look at the system Berg toys use for their go-karts. Its called a BFR hub (for backward, forward and reverse). This hub lets you go forward or backward, while always pedalling in forward direction. It also has a freewheel. The system needs two chains, with this being in the middle of your drive sprocket and axle sprocket. Hub: BFR Hub stands for ...

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