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GCN do some great how to videos and will possibly be a good resource for you in your general overhaul of the bike. Here is one specific to you need for this post


Check out the Stealth Hub from True Precision Components; as opposed to using pawls these hubs use a roller clutch. They are completely silent when the coast, the engagement is instantaneous and the cost is astronomical ;) I recently built myself a new rear wheel for my singlespeed mountain bike using one of these and really enjoy coasting in silence. ...


I have on my Kona Unit 2013 the stock "Formula DC52" - it's very quiet.


If you can't get out of the lowest (easiest) gears then something is stopping the cable from releasing. There could be a number of reasons for this. The shifter on the handlebars might not be working properly, something may be caught on the cable and pulling it, the cable could be frayed and is snagging on something, or the rear dérailleur could be jammed. ...

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