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What you want to minimize (within reason) is "drag" or "rolling resistance" caused by the tires in contact with the road. This is a function of tire width, tire pressure, tread design, and the characteristics of the rubber. Plus, of course, the characteristics of the road. Generally, higher pressure reduces contact area (for a given weight) and hence ...


The ONLY thing bike design has to do with the friction between the tyre and the road is weight related, assuming tyre design does not count as part of bike design. Heavier design of bike = more friction, Lighter design of bike = less friction. I for one would not consider "designing a bicycle" in the context of this question to be designing the tyres, any ...


Reducing friction (or grip in layman's terms) would cause your wheel to simply spin in circles when you pedal and you would fall down. Increased friction between the tire and the riding surface is the goal of nearly every tire manufacturer. You could easily coat your tire in oil to accomplish the lower friction you are talking about.


I know it is not much more than a link only answer but this is a very good discussion. Narrow and higher pressure is good. But on a ruff surface too much pressure can cause bounce and more resistance. Generally, smooth treads roll better than coarse treads. Wiki Rolling Resistance Rolling resistance, sometimes called rolling friction or rolling ...

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