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As already said, aerodynamics are less important to MTB's, but otherwise its largely convention and fashion that dictate what people wear. A vast majority of MTB'r are not wearing basic shorts - they are usually wearing shorts made for riding, including padding just like Lycra road shorts, flat seams and materials designed to withstand the rigour of riding. ...


Those guys seem to use basic shorts of one type or another Most (at least those who pedal more than 5 miles per ride and have been riding for more than 1 year) use some form of spandex with padding below the shorts. that catch air Doesn't matter. and might catch on branches. Doesn't happen. The hands and elbows in modern MTBs are very very ...


Yes. Have a look at UCI's MTB rules at http://www.uci.ch/mm/Document/News/Rulesandregulation/16/72/76/MTBReglementsENG_English.pdf Look for "course marking".


I had a similar trailer clamp it was terrible, I ended up buying a hitch that connects to the axle and removed the clamp. I attached a length of aluminum tubing with some holes drilled in it in place of the clamp. I slip the tube over the axle hitch and then use a hitch pin to keep it all in place. Its on my other bike currently but the hitch looks like ...


Most bike mechanics will tell you that the best performance is not attained at maximum tyre pressure. My own tyres take up to 4.5 bar, yet the best ride is at around 2.5 bar. For whatever reason, my bike rolls better in the terrrain at 2.5 bar than at 3 bar.


If you can find some other tube on the bike frame that fits the clamp better, that should be fine. Obviously if you attach the clamp too high, the trailer will be tilted at an angle which would be uncomfortable for your kid. I used to have a trailer with a similar attachment. I noticed that the clamp can have a tendency to come loose from vibration, if ...

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