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Road typically has a smaller range. A road bike will typically come with a short cage derailleur. Where a mountain will typically come with a medium or long cage derailleur. Yes the mount on the freehub is compatible. It is about the range capacity of the derailleur.


The things that will make a wheel more durable in this kind of service are: Bigger tires – the bigger the tire the more space you have to cushion an impact, bigger tires also mean that the load is more distributed. Since the bigger tire gives you more support you can also run a somewhat lower pressure which means that there is more flex in the tire before ...


Some points. If you bunny hop by getting both wheels to leave the ground at the same, the rear wheel has to jump the length of the obstacle plus the length of the bike to clear the obstacle. A more modern, trialsy and BMX-y bunny hop is what is what is sometimes called an 'American bunnyhop'. In this, the front is hauled up first, then the back as the ...


Yes. Here's a tire size to rim width chart from Schwalbe.


According the Sheldon need 25mm for a 2.1" A downhill wheel tends to be strong (and heavier)

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