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If you are able to hear it then google maps navigation will read out turn-by-turn directions to you. I found the noise of wind while riding prevented me from hearing these, but if you were riding slower, or used an ear piece this might work. The dedicated cycle GPS unit will provide the best solution, the question is whether you'd use the functionality ...


I've had a phone in a bumper case come off the handlebars several times without damage. But my handlebar mount kept getting broken in the bike shed at work so I switched to a top tube bag (which also holds a tube and basic tools). The low light readability is still an issue, but you're over the top of it a bit more which helps. Where I put tools you could ...


I found these, but it seems they did not raise enough money.


I downloaded ridewithGPS for voice cues on my iPhone 6. It works even while the display is off, which should solve the battery issue. I have only tried it on a 3 hour ride, and had lots of power left. I planned to use it for a 6 hour ride, but rain canceled it. You have to use one of the pay versions to get this.

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