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I'd recommend putting it partly around each wheel - so as it rotates it creates a flashing movement. Elsewhere, bars and front &rear triangles maybe?


You don't want glow-in-the-dark tape -- it's only useful if you store your bike in a dark shed and need to find it. The amount of "glow" is such that it's only visible in pitch darkness -- and that's for only a few hours after it has been exposed to bright light. What you want is called "retroreflective tape" -- it reflects light back in the same direction ...


Reflective tape works well on the sides of your bike where you might not have lights. On the side of the forks helps people to see you coming out of an intersection. I've also seen it wrapped around two spokes. the movement helps catch peoples attention.


I would put it round the frame and the handle bar, in such positions that it can be seen by oncoming traffic and traffic from the side, (like the middle part of the handle bar and/or the head tube, the down tube and if you have a lot also on the seat tube, and if you can find a spot, also on the back of our bike, if you have fenders that come down enough on ...

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