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If when looking forward the wind is causing significant noise in your ears, try turning your head to the side. Ninety degrees would be perfect, but I wouldn't go more than is allowing me to see forward. Drawbacks: Quite uncomfortable, thus usable only during isolated gusts of wind. Cuts your peripheral vision in one of the two directions, relative to ...


High end road bikes have a louder free hub so that riders in a peloton can have an audible clue that those ahead of them are coasting or braking.


I used cat ears until they were stolen, along with my helmet. I really liked them. I found that they reduced the amount of stress that persistent noise can cause, and I felt safer because I was able to hear everything a lot more clearly. No, not paid by the company, just honest.


There are several things you could try. A simple headband over your ears would be an easy an cheap solution. In case you don't want anything to fully cover your ears you can buy ear plugs designed specifically for this purpose. Google: blocking wind ears cycling And you get plenty of options. www.cat-ears.com for example. Of course. Good in ear ...


I was irritated buy the rattling cooling disc as well. I pressed small pieces of rubber between the disc and the spokes and it stopped the rattling without impairing the brake's function.

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