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I suffered from terrible front brake squeal when wet. I'd tried cleaning the rotors and pads, I'd tried different organic and sintered pads, none of it made any difference. But finally I have solved it - by changing the rotor. The original rotor was the Avid one that came with the brake calipers (BB7s), which is pretty light and spidery. The replacement is a ...


The fault turned out to be a crippled ratchet in my rear hub. I got it replaced but am thinking of replacing my old bike now, it served me 10000Km in every season, every road in 2 years plus 3000Km in 3 years, a good service.


You should have this checked by a mechanic immediately. There are at least 4 possibilities: One of the crank arms is loose or cracked. This is the most dangerous, since a failure at the wrong time could cause you to lose control of the bike. A bearing is loose or worn out in either the bottom bracket or one of your pedals. A pedal could also fail ...

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