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Ascertain that the chain is not visibly touching the front derailleur. Check that your rear cassette is fitted correctly; lock-ring is tight and the correct spacers used between sprockets. Are you using a matching chain, chain rings and rear derailleur? i.e. are they all 'n' speed; i.e. do not mix and match a 9 speed chain with a 11 speed cassette or ...


Depending on the geometry of your frame, the noise could very well be caused by cross chaining, especially if you have very short chain stays. If you've ruled out rubbing, and this is in fact the problem, you don't have many options unfortunately. You can pick a cassette/crank combination that ensures you spend most of your time riding in the middle of ...


Something is dragging as you pedal harder. The most likely thing is that your rear wheel is moving so that the tire drags against the chain stay when you apply power. This is something that you'll probably need to troubleshoot when you're riding because it isn't likely to show up with the bike on a work stand. You might be able to make it happen by applying ...


My guess is that your rear end is flexing and either: Rear rim is touching the brake pad, or Tire is rubbing the chainstay With the former, try checking your wheel alignment and loosing your brakes a bit (safely) and testing. With the latter, look for tire rub marks in your chainstay area where the chainstay meets the bottom bracket.

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