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All Bordo locks rattle no matter what in the water bottle mount, what I do is put it in my under seat saddlebag and put my wallet and cell phone ontop of it. It won't rattle that way.


A couple of things I see: I think your derailleur is a bit out of adjustment and is "leaning" towards the lower gears. It's grabbing on the ramps of the lower gear as it goes by. Your B screw adjustment is a bit too far away from the cassette. I would try to get it within a link or link and half. It looks from the video that you are about 2-3 links ...


Whenever I have had a problem with a regular clicking noise coming from the chain - it has been either a stiff link (which goes as the chain loosens up through use) or a split pin on the chain ie. the pin has detached from one side of the chain. It can be hard to spot but worth examining for.


That's weird! It sounds like slack being taken up on the cranks, but the image doesn't match that. Try separating the components - take the wheel out, can you feel any notchiness on spinning the cassette? Diagnostic Ideas: Take the chain off, and feel it for stiff or grotty link. Then clean it and measure it for wear. While chain is off, inspect the ...

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