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Tinned fruit is not really very high energy density, or very satisfying. Amongst the tinned stuff, creamed rice might be a good one? There's some good chunky soups, and pre-flavoured beans around too, and while they're nicer hot, they're quite edible cold if needed. Others have pointed out various bars. Even when they look like muesli, they're commonly ...


I like to carry PowerBars, because they taste sufficiently foul that I'm never tempted to eat them just because I'm bored or peckish. Which means they're there when I really need them. The expiry date printed on them seems to be imaginary, I've eaten them when the foil wrapper is intact but so worn that it's hard to make out what flavour the bar is supposed ...


Do what the cowboys did- carry beef jerky


Trail mix. But make sure it has few nuts and more fruits/sugar.


Clif Bars do a good job for this. I keep some in my bag for exactly that purpose.


I really enjoy gummy type food (e.g. PowerBar Gel Blast or Cliff Blocks). They have multiple flavors and taste OK. It won't replace a full meal, but it does keep me fueled up for longer rides. These gummies usually have an expiry of +1 year and can take the sun and heat without melting. Some of my packets did a 6h ride in full sun in my back pocket without ...

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