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I start by breaking down the bike completely, brake components and all. I strip off all old paint and decals and sand the frame with 220 grit paper then smooth it over with steel wool. Clean the frame with engine de-greaser let sit for a day. Tape off all undesired openings: Head Tube Bottom Bracket seat post, and dropouts. I apply one thin coat of ...


One option would be to use PlastiDip or something similar. It's not paint it's some kind of rubber coating, but I hear that it's really easy to spray on, gives a good finish (with a few applications) and doesn't require a lot of preparation (no sanding, it's removed easily if you spray at the wrong place). A lot of people use these products for car parts.


Use this as an opportunity to teach him how to paint. Yes, you'll do much of the work, but you two can work together to pre-sand the existing paint, mask the parts you're not painting, and spray the new paint on.

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