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I have been designing and installing bicycle parking facilities for more than 10 years. The owner of the rack has a duty of care to supply a bike rack fit for purpose - that a rider can lock their bike to the rack and the bike will be secure. 'Secure' is open to interpretation. My interpretation is that a lock should not be able to be removed from a bike ...


I use a few cardboard boxes taped together with gaffer's tape. The tape is waterproof. 2 layers of cardboard (staggered at edges if you're using small boxes) is plenty to make it through a season. Use the box edges up against a wall to prevent splatter. If you have uneven floors and the water rolls off of the boxes, fold an edge over to cause it to be ...


On the cheaper side, a tarp or a vinyl tablecloth should do the trick, and be more easily tidied away and stored. Even a decent-weight shower curtain!


My grandparents used to cover their entry way carpets with a vinyl carpet protector in the winter. The nice thing about this is that you can roll it up for storage when you aren't using it.


Try a Garden Centre, they usually sell a range of trays and they should have something suitable. An example would be this "Giant Plus Garden Tray" which at 120cm x 55cm should be big enough to place a bike on.

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