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It looks to me like you just lost the nut. A stainless steel nut and washer or a stainless steel nylock nut would work best for this application. These options would help prevent the nut from coming loose and falling off again. You could also try using threadlock to help secure the nut as well.


You need Leather washers in between the metal fender and frame. a washer and locking nut to secure the fixing bolt. For detailed instructions on metal fender install see the detailed Velo Oranges fender manual.


I note the company's website states this is a single speed bike. There are two separate chainlines, each running three cranks. The rear wheels have drum brakes in the hub, and the chain ends up on the outside of the wheels. This would preclude any form of internally geared hub. So your option would be to build a horizontal donkey shaft that terminates ...


For road components Shimano has the following quality ranking, from top to bottom and from (very) expensive to cheap: Dura Ace Di2, Dura Ace mech., Ultegra Di2, Ultegra mech., 105, Tiagra, Sora and Claris. What trickles down from year to year are the innovations. If some innovation appears with the pro-groupset Dura Ace it will appear in the following or ...


1 Here is an excellent technical reason not to: maybe you simply can't put the 11-* cassette onto your hub. For instance, if we consider Shimano HyperGlide: the Shimano cassettes which have 11 cogs require the HyperGlide-C (compact) style hub, whose splines do not extend all the way to the edge. The 11 cog does not actually go onto the splines like the ...

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