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You have to use an allen/hex wrench, that's why they have the hex hole in the axle. Going from the opposite side through the frame is easiest.


Yes, this does. Another option is to re-thread the cranks if you take it to the right bike shop, and then install a standard pedal.


Because they are installed wrong. You can remove one crank using crank puller and install it in correct position, or take it back to shop.


I was amazed to recently discover the Dura Ace carbon body is 0.5mm narrower than the body on the Ultegra. This was discovered quite by accident. I have a carbon centaur equipped winter bike on which I have Ultegra 6800 pedals and a specialised roubaix with 105. So I decided to finally splash out on dura ace pedals to match the dura ace 9000 group set on ...

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