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..Here in France we have the same problem...impossible to find french pedals with old standard M14/125...IMPOSSIBLE. But it is possible to find in Spain, new french pedals M14/125 around 10 euros...certainly from China. http://www.vicma.es/epages/Vicma.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/Vicma/Products/W10 Try Ebay too. Write " PEDALES 14X125" or "PEDAL M14/125" on ...


The fault turned out to be a crippled ratchet in my rear hub. I got it replaced but am thinking of replacing my old bike now, it served me 10000Km in every season, every road in 2 years plus 3000Km in 3 years, a good service.


You should have this checked by a mechanic immediately. There are at least 4 possibilities: One of the crank arms is loose or cracked. This is the most dangerous, since a failure at the wrong time could cause you to lose control of the bike. A bearing is loose or worn out in either the bottom bracket or one of your pedals. A pedal could also fail ...


Probably too late, but since you said it was just the first few threads, you could run the proper size tap in to clean up the threads. I found this while looking for info about bike pedals for a completely unrelated project, so I don't know the correct thread size, but if you know it, you can tap that out and good as new. No need for helicoils or adapters, ...

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