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This sounds like a issue in your freehub/freewheel (both are mechanically the same for this question). This is what allows you to coast without pedaling. Inside these bodies are a set of "pawls" which will flip down and engage a series of splines when rotated "forward", and propels the bike forward. Then, if you move them in the other direction ...


Most likely duplicate but I cannot find it. In the free hub / free wheel you have pawls that are the coast / drive mechanism. Most likely they are gooked up or just plain broken. Some are serviceable and some are not. FREEHUB SERVICE You can also search on youtube. Or just take the wheel to a bike shop. You might be able to free it up with a bit of ...


If the instructions that come with the pedals tell you to use the washers with carbon cranks then you should do it. The reason for the washers is that that they keep the axle from rubbing against the crank and thus damaging the carbon when tightening the pedals.Oh yes, and you can compensate the thickness of the washers by moving each cleat 0.5mm outside.


There are two common sizes of pedal thread. 9/16" which is used for most bikes 1/2" which is often found on kids bikes Doubtless there will be the few oddballs with a metric thread as well, but they'll be really uncommon.


If you're saying that only the first 3-4 threads are stripped, or at least not clear, you can try threading the pedal in from the opposite side. This might help to reform the first few damaged threads. If you have a tool to remove the pedal (6mm or 8mm allen key or 15mm pedal wrench) then this method shouldn't require any further tools.


Just fixed my grandsons pedal, borrowed 'thread restorer kit' from O'Reilly auto parts, leave deposit, 10 min fix, most auto parts stores do this.should work if first few threads are stripped

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