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Either the seller meant clipped pedal-as in you could bolt toe clips to it-or he didn't know what he was talking about. Those are not clipless pedals. They are VP road pedals that have an integrated toeclip:


As the comments said, adding a toe clip would make it a clipless pedal. It may be too narrow for a platform pedal (depends on the width of your foot). The foot could slip sideways off the pedal.


Would you consider clipless pedals instead of clipped platform? This is probably the most turning clearance for the dollar, second to replacing the crank arms with shorter ones. A set of these pedals will improve your power output as you can pull harder on the upstrokes, as well as shaving probably ~1" or more off your pedal clearance. One downside is ...


It's definitely possible that the bottom bracket height is lower than your previous bike and/or your crankarm length is longer. The BB could be lower to improve handling and I have definitely seen longer crankarms on large bikes. A typical measurement is 175cm but you could see 170 on a small frame or 180 on a larger frame. The longer crankarm would be ...


Three options - or combination coast through the turn with pedals horizontal to the ground more narrow pedal shorter crank arm


Get a pedal thread insert. here's a description of how to install one: http://thegoldenwrench.blogspot.com/2010/12/repairing-stripped-pedal-thread.html


Most bike petals come in 2 different thread sizes. Get a petal set that uses the larger thread and just use the harder than aluminum steel shaft of the petals to cut the new threads into the crank arm. Brute force simple and should outlast the bike unless you crack the aluminum. Just my 2 cents worth. Hope it helps. Oh yes, lots of thread cutting lubricant ...


I had exact same noise, a tink while I was out of the saddle torquing up hills. Lbs identified it as thefreewheel in my hub. They replaced, problem gon . They knew their stuff.

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