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First thing to do:! Take your pedals off and put a new pair on. Make sure it's still creaking. I've been sure multiple times that something was wrong with my BB, switched the pedals, and the noise stopped. If you do this and still get the noise, take apart the BB and re-grease. If it's loose bearing, inspect the races, clean, and regrease. If it's a sealed ...


Assuming nothing is wrong with your frame, your bottom bracket probably needs to be properly greased up and re-tightened to the right torque specification. Frankly, unless you're interested in rolling up your sleeves, buckling down and familiarizing yourself with bicycle mechanics and purchasing all the necessary tools, just take it to your local bicycle ...


It's most likely is a loose pedal bolt. Check it first. Worst case you have a problem in the bottom bracket. Check this vieo. It's very educational.


My opinion is to make sure your bearings are still okay and that you are not missing any. If not put grease in the area of the bearing. Put the cranks back on and tighten it as much as you can.


If you can get it to start on the threads by hand then you can tighten it enough that you should be able to ride carefully home. I've done this before, but its messy (as in, on your fingers). The threading should make the pedal secure itself (or at least not back out) when pedaling forward, but might get wacky if you tend to backspin or goof off with your ...


Assuming you normally make effective use of two pedals... Identify a nearby place where tools are available to purchase or borrow: a bike shop, hardware store or some other premises where tools are used. Ride these using the other pedal that I assume is still functional. If you have platform pedals, bind your foot to the other pedal using tape or narrow ...


This sounds like there's a problem with your rear hub's freehub body (assuming you're running a cassette). The pawls get messed up sometimes and cause a jump when you're pedaling. If this is the case, you can try to replace the freehub body, which requires a bit of work. You basically have to take the axle out of the hub and get a 10mm wrench down there ...

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