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I use IPbike for Android. It has strava upload in case you want it but also gives you files in sensible formats by sensible means. It's got sensor integration but I use it with only GPS. You can give it a good try before you buy. The author is no stranger to this site; despite being almost a neighbour of mine according to play store, I've no connection ...


I haven't tried this, but as I was writing the question I saw Golden Cheetah mentioned in the question Post race analysis of performance. Golden Cheetah is a free software application for Mac, Windows and Linux that looks like it does what I'm asking for here. I haven't tried it yet, can't say how it compares to Strava.


I put on a pair of socks, slip my Vivofit 2 inside the sock and wrap around my ankle. It doesn't move and I walk around or ride my bike and it counts everything!

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